POC 2012/13 Helmet Sneak Peek

Unisex Receptor Bug Adjustable $150.00 MSRP


Unisex Fornix $160.00 MSRP

Oscar Huss, Product Manager


Oscar Huss, Product Manager


What are the three biggest trends you see shaping the market and what are you doing to meet them?

In the area where we have our offer, helmet armor and goggles, we see:

1)     A general trend that people ride faster, jump higher, etc as the sports evolves and the need for adequate protection increases constantly.

2)       Users become more picky about colors and combinations and how they match the gear.

3)       Helmets and armor have evolved a lot and it is not the same as a few years back. Soft protection has entered the market and allows the users to get more protection from less constraining products.

For the upcoming season, what is your brand doing to differentiate itself?

We have a range of patents and innovations within the safety area that we have been refining over the years. The way of working very focused on safety development can hopefully be seen throughout the offer.

What new technologies are you introducing to your line?

The most relevant for the Snowboarding consumers are possibly the brand new VPD 2.0 body armor series and the multi impact helmets. The new goggles also offer appreciated optics thanks to the optically superior NXT lens material.

From your perspective, how concerned are consumers with helmet certifications?

The awareness is getting better as far as we can see. It is not obvious for the consumers what the certification means and what differentiates various certifications, but the retainers seem to get better informed for every day and this will likely also make the consumers more concerned and better informed. Also, the general safety awareness is growing in society as a whole. Action sports is no exception.

What trends do you anticipate in the realm of graphics, themes, and colors?

Again, we try to stay with what we believe look good. Crisp and clean.

What trends have you detected with regards to sale volumes?

As with other segments, we have been growing the helmet business between 50-100% annually since the start.