prAna 2015 Swimwear Preview

prana 2015 swimwear preview

prAna 2015 Swimwear Preview

We talked with Marci Thornsberry, prAna specialty channel sales manager, to hear more about the brand’s 2015 collection of swimwear.

What trends are you seeing for S15?

Sporty colorblock, Mix and "do or don't" match separates, details in stitching to add interest, adjustability for a perfect fit every time, coverage is key for functionality and mobility.

What’s the State of Swim Biz at the moment?

From our perspective , it's positive in growth, and filling a void in the active swim market place. The growth rate for us in swim has been approx.. 20% from 2013 to 2014 and we are poised to grow another 20%-30% in this category alone. Our total offering has grown by 20% from last year. We feel that as long as we continue to connect with and be meaningful to our customers, this growth will happen naturally. The larger picture of the swim business is that growth rates have slowed tremendously and average would be about 3%-5% up for 2015. The sweet spot will be the suits that offer the customer the ability to exercise and relax, all in one cute, fashionable looking suit.

Check out a few pieces from prAna’s 2015 collection:


What are you thoughts on how youth culture has influenced the design of your next collection?

We see the growing interest in and curiosity about foreign cultures and exploring remote destinations, following it up with global "experiential" travel. With the internet and social media, the world's atlas is at your fingertips. This too inspires us within our designs. Our prints and colors lend themselves to far off countries or cultures.

Swim Separates- why or why not?

We have always offered separates and will continue to do so. It makes for happier customers in the long run.

What about One-Pieces?

We feel the 1pc is very important to our collection and we've expanded our offering here. One pieces, when well executed are so flattering and easy to wear. They effortlessly remove "worries" for the wearer. They also make fitting a customer that much easier, from the retailer stand point.

What changes are you seeing on the business side?

The word on the swim street is that business for 2014 has been tough. Slow and low orders due to weather across the US and such. We have been fortunate that we have seen increases in our swim orders, sell through and interest level going into Spring 15. Swim is truly a year round business but let's face it, the bulk of that swim business is really done between the months of February thru August. There is also a huge potential within the active/outdoor channel, as these gals tend to be very active with different variety of sports, activities and are looking for swim that they can put on and forget about- and look super cute too!

What are your greatest success in the swim category for 2014– engineered placement prints, sport/fitness inspired suits.

What new elements for 2015 collection- More adjustability in tops, more diversity in silhouettes overall, more "sustainable" board short options in both our Men's and Women's collections.

What do you see happening with price, margins, & MSRP's?

overall the wholesale costs are coming down a tiny bit, and margins will remain the same. We work off of a 50%IMU, so our suggested retails stay in a sweet spot for the retailers.

Is your SKU count increasing?

Yes, our SKU count is increasing based on success from 2014. The increase is about 20%.

Any closing thoughts?

We're really trying to differentiate from what's out there with unique stylish, flattering styles and "stay put" fits that give active customers a "worry free" water experience. We pride ourselves on making highest quality product but with positive steps towards environmental and social changes.