Pro-Tec 2012/13 Helmet Sneak Peek

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Brian Genuser, Category Manager

Brian Genuser, Category Manager


What are the three biggest trends you see shaping the market and what are you doing to meet them?

Goggle compatibility, ventilation, and fit systems

For the upcoming season, what is your brand doing to differentiate itself?

Goggle Compatibility

Partnering with more goggle brands, identifying the "best fit" between Pro-tec snow helmets

and all the major goggle brands.  We have developed a chart that showcases the compatibility between our helmet styles and other brands goggle styles.  This chart will only identify the "best fit", so the consumer will have many choices without being limited to one style or brand making the purchase decision quicker and easier.

Audio Compatibility

In addition to our goggle compatibility initiative, we implemented a new audio compatibility story.

All of our ear pads have built in audio pockets that we strategically shaped around industry

leading drop in audio systems.  If you decide you want to add your own audio set up, simply drop them in the audio pockets with the choice of running the cord down either side of your jacket.

The Original, Since 1973

Pro-tec is the original action sport protective gear brand, providing the complete protective solution, contributing to rider progression while staying true to our original heritage and Classic style.


What new technologies are you introducing to your line?

Active Venting System

Designed to regulate the amount of cool air entering your helmet, giving you the option to incrementally open or close the top vents by simply adjusting the glove-friendly actuator on top of the helmet, while the internal vents keep your goggles from fogging.

Jet Diffusion

Jet Diffusion directs air into interior channels to ventilate your entire head evenly, while maintaining airflow through your goggles.

Boa Fit System

As the original helmet brand to partner with Boa, this season we have spread the Boa offering out to more helmet styles – across unisex, women's, and youth helmet categories.  Boa is the most recognized and trusted fit system technology in the snow market and one the consumer can identify with and trust.

 From your perspective, how concerned are consumers with helmet certifications?

I don't think every consumer is properly educated about helmet certifications or understands the importance of wearing a certified helmet.  Every Pro-tec snow helmet is certified, as well as styles that are multi-sport certified.   Pro-tec offers certified liners for different riding styles, including EPS

and Multi-Impact SXP.  EPS is the industry standard certified liner equipped for a single impact, which means the helmet needs to be replaced after one solid impact.  Multi-Impact SXP liners are certified with built in rebound control against multiple low impacts.  When the liner compresses it rebounds maintaining it's impact absorbing qualities, a great option for the park rider or anyone looking to take their riding to the next level.

What trends do you anticipate in the realm of graphics, themes, and colors?

Different shell finishes, color contrast on unpredictable parts of the helmet, unique applications and textures.  We implemented Satin and Pearl shell finishes throughout the line for those who are looking for a look between gloss and matte.

 What trends have you detected with regards to sale volumes?

Low and mid price points are always important, however I think higher price points (over $100) will increase.  Helmets are an important part of the riding experience and are no longer an after thought.  Consumers are more willing to trade up for lighter weight and key features.