PSTA US Championships in Ventura Nov. 1-4

On November 1-4, America’s bestprofessional surfers will battle it out for the title of 2001 ProfessionalSurfing Tour of America Champion at the Fairgrounds in Ventura, site of thePSTA 2001 Championships presented by Billabong and Oakley, a 1-Star WorldQualifying Series (WQS) event and the final stop on the 2001 PSTA schedule.

The PSTA US Championships is the culmination of an unprecedented year forprofessional surfing in America. Leading into Ventura, the PSTA’s fiveprevious 2001 events at Trestles, Oceanside, San Clemente, Newport Beach andMorro Bay attracted the full spectrum of surfing talent across the globe,from international stars such as Hawaii’s Andy Irons, Australia’s Taj Burrowand California’s Taylor Knox and current Association of SurfingProfessionals (ASP) World Champions Sunny Garcia (Shortboard) and ColinMcPhillips (Longboard), to America’s hottest young pro and amateursurfers–and quite possibly the world champions of tomorrow.

“The PSTA season has surpassed even our own expectations in re-establishingCalifornia and the rest of America as the pro surfing force it can andshould be,” said PSTA Executive Director Alan Gibby. “Starting withthree-time world champion Tom Curren winning the PSTA event at Trestles,this year’s tour has elevated US surfing competition to a new level. We’vesucceeded in providing the venues and the opportunities for America’s youngguns to not only test their skills against the world’s best surfers, butoffer them the exposure and ratings points to help them attain their goalsas the elite professional surfers of the future. The PSTA Championships atVentura will be the icing on the cake of a great year for American surfing.”


Added Billabong VP of Marketing Graham Stapelberg, “It is important for theindustry to get behind our sport especially in these times, and this thefinal event of the PSTA will certainly set the tone for what promises to bean exciting 2002 domestic tour.”

Held in conjunction with the PSTA 2001 Championships is the Oakley AerialFreestyle 2001, an invitation-only specialty event featuring eight of thebest progressive surfers on the planet looking to pull the biggest airs andsickest maneuvers for a share of a special$5,000 purse.

“Oakley is excited to be a part of the US Championships and proud to be aparticipating sponsor of the PSTA,” said Oakley’s Dino Andino. “We’relooking forward to helping grow the sport of professional surfing inAmerica.”


The PSTA Championships Presented by Billabong and Oakley will premiere onOutdoor Life Network (OLN) on December 23 at 11:30 p.m. (Eastern Time). 2001PSTA sponsors include Paul Mitchell Salon Haircare, Chevrolet Trucks,Havaianas, Snowsurfing Inc., ASP North America, Surfing America, and SurfOne. The Vagabond Inn in Ventura is the official hotel of the 2001 PSTAChampionships.

All events are open to the public and admission is free. For moreinformation, contact Dori Payne at (949) 488-2233, or visit the PSTA Assignment editors may also contact PSTA mediacoordinator Gary Taylor at (760) 753-0957 or (760) 803-1957.

PSTA 2001 Current Standings:

Men’s Shortboard
1. Ryan Simmons 3,690
2. Bron Heussenstamm 2,837
3. Dean Randazzo 2,802
4. David Pinto 2,560
5. Jeff Deffenbaugh 2,440
6. Pat O’Connell 2,240
7. Mike Todd 2,143
8. Jason Senn 2,136
9. Zach Keenan 2,070
10. Benjamin Severson 2,050

Women’s Shortboard
1. Julia Christian 3,400
2. Holly Beck 2,897
3. Liz Motshagen 2,798
4. Amber Puha 2,642
5. Jodie Nelson 2,618
6. Kyla Langen 2,521
7. Diana Mattison 2,161
8. Erin Myers 2,040

1. Josh Mohr 2,900
2. Josh Baxter 2,196
3. Travis Northy 2,130
4. Brendan White 1,976
5. Colin McPhillips 1,900
6. Michael Detemple 1,836
7. Linden Brocolli 1,665
8. Steve Newton 1,599