Quiksilver Calls An Eddie Alert!

It looks like the Eddie is going to happen! Yep, you heard right, theQuiksilver In Memory of Eddie Aikau Big Wave Event is looking topossibly get called this week.[IMAGE 2]

The trials for the event will happen tomorrow, Wednesday, December 20and Quiksilver’s Glen Moncata has declared there is a solid chance ofthe event running this Thursday or Friday. The buoy readings are showing35-foot open-ocean swells at fourteen-second intervals — this is agreat sign.

In order for the event to go off we need twenty-foot waves at Waimea –and it looks like we’re going to get them this week. All signs arepointing to the event going on in the next couple days. Competitors,including Peter Mel, Ross Clarke-Jones, and Kelly Slater were allnotified today and any out of towners are booking their flightsimmediately. Once the event gets called, they will have less than 24hours to get to the North Shore and ready for the morning heats.

We’ll send out an announcement when we hear an absolute confirmationfrom George Downing, our Hawaii event director. Until then, pray forgood surf for the North Shore, and stay tuned.