Quiksilver Launches Television Channel

Quiksilver signed a deal today to create a television channel, in another example of apparel retailers using mass entertainment as a marketing vehicle.

Quiksilver said it would create a sports channel with TVN Entertainment Corp., a digital content licensing, programming and distribution company.

Quiksilver said it would be partnering with other action-sports clothing companies and video producers to create a comprehensive offering.

“All of the companies who produce video product are looking for new ways to get that product in front of the customers that know and respect our brands,” says Quiksilver CEO Bob McKnight.

According to Quiksilver, the trend of retailers using mass entertainment is most clearly illustrated by Victoria’s Secret, which in November had its fashion show broadcast on prime-time network television. The show, featuring about twenty models in lingerie, attracted about 12.4 million television viewers and doubled traffic to the retailer’s Web site.

Quiksilver already owns a significant live-action video library featuring skate, surf and snowboarding, as it sponsors some of these sports’ most high-profile events.

The programming will be packaged for video on demand and subscription video on demand delivery to cable, satellite, wireless and high-speed Internet providers. Video on demand offers the convenience of VCR functionality, such as fast forward, rewind, pause and stop.