Quiksilver Opens Largest Surf Shop In Europe

In mid July, Quiksilver held the grand opening of its newest European Boardriders Club in Anglet, France. While Quik has more than 200 Boardriders Clubs in Europe alone, this one has raised the bar for future Quik retail ventures. The new store is the work of modern architect Philippe Avenzi and weighs in at more than 7,500 square feet. While 7,500 square feet might not sound like an overpowering footprint for a flagship store, it is in fact the largest boardsports shop in Europe.

The shop incorporates a variety of natural materials like driftwood, bamboo, and polished rocks to give it a very organic aura. Beyond the architectural charms, the shop also boasts an indoor skatepark, a DJ booth, a restaurant, a surfboard-shaping workshop, and a collection of vintage surfboards. There are also some multimedia aspects to the shop as well, like a surfboard section where shoppers can turn on a monitor and headphones and watch featured shapers like Wayne Lynch and Dave Macaulay talk about their designs and inspirations.

The goal on a functional level was to create a venue to showcase the brand, but another key component of the merchandising was to produce an atmosphere where people would congregate.