Quiksilver Pro 2001 – Epic Day One

Glassy three- to six-foot waves and summer-like conditions made for some explosive competitive surfing on day one of the Quiksilver Pro, the first stop on the Professional Surfing Tour of America’s 2001 season and a one-star rated WQS event.

ASP World Tour veteran and Trestles veteran Jeff Booth proved that experience pays off as he came away with the highest heat score of the day with a crisp combination of backside and frontside snaps. Booth registered 17.5 on his first two rides before the other competitors had ridden their first waves.

“It’s flawless,” exclaimed Booth describing the conditions. “It’s three-to six-foot Lowers, it’s got good shape, and there’s no one out. You can’t ask for anything more than this. It’s just insane.” Booth’s final tally was 24.75, besting hot California groms Wiatt Simmons, Darryl Goodrum and Chad Hendrick.

Another ASP and domestic surfing tour veteran, San Clemente’s Jim Hogan, also advanced out of the first round on waves he’s surfed his whole life. “The conditions are great today, and it’s good for all the international surfers to get a taste of Trestles with four guys out,” said Hogan. Asked about his strategy, the 37-year-old veteran said, “Coming from the trials, you want to make sure to get some momentum and don’t burn yourself out. Just try to improve with each heat, and when I get to the top guys hopefully the waves will stay the way they are. That’s gonna be a crucial factor.”

Conditions improved steadily throughout the day with “Santa Anas” (warm offshore winds) and temperatures reaching 80 degrees, although the water in the lineup was a chilly 60 degrees. During many Round 1 heats the crowd was treated to an awesome display by Mother Nature, with a constant barrage of clean six-foot sets pouring in, a dream come true for the contestants. One of those, Heat 14 winner Chris Del Morro, 18, of Palos Verdes, Calif., called it the best contest surf he’s experienced in two years.

“Every time I turned around it was like I was at J-Bay,” said a stoked Del Morro, a regular-foot who took full advantage of Trestles long rights. “I felt like a died and went to heaven, except for all the tents on the beach. Perfect size, perfect walls, and glassy. I sat about 15 feet to the south of the other guys. There was that west bowl that I picked up on the shoulder every time and it worked perfectly. I got in the cycle and kept going.”

Other winners included Hawai’i’s Braden Diaz and Quiksilver Surf Team Manager Todd Kline.

Diaz, in California for sponsor responsibilities, was an alternate and waited most of the day before a slot opened up in Round 2. “Luckily I got in the second to last heat of the day,” said the Hawaiian. “These are perfect conditions for a contest. I don’t hang out here that much but I’ve got a good board and the waves are a little sizeable, so it helped me a lot.”

Kline, a former full-time pro surfer, entered the contest on a whim and ended up advancing with a first place showing. “Three weeks ago I almost withdrew from the contest,” said Kline. “But I figured, if I’m going to be on the beach all day watching the waves, I might as well surf. And of all the events on the PSTA tour, I decided I wasn’t going to miss Trestles. With the weather and the surf and Quiksilver and PSTA being involved, I don’t think we could have painted a better picture than what we’ve got here today. It’s a dream come true. It’s so good I’m keeping my suit on and surfing after the last heat today!”

Tomorrow’s featured heats will feature top ASP pros Taylor Knox and Shea Lopez, three-time world champion Tom Curren, big wave chargers Mike Parsons and Peter Mel, and hot up-and-comers Fred Pattacchia, Chris Ward, Dane Johnson and Travis Mellem.

PSTA partner Surfline is forecasting today’s south swell to increase further tomorrow, then level off and build again for Saturday’s final heats and the Air Show.

For more information, event schedules and TV airdates: www.psta.tv

**** Day One Results ****

ASP-WQS 1-Star
April 24, 2001 (8:00am-4:30pm)

Mens 1st rounds/Round 1 (3rd=65th, 229 pts – 4th =81st)

Heat 1
1st Wetzel, Bane USA 19.50
2nd Pribram, James USA 16.75
3rd Rhoads, J.J. USA 11.50
4th Simmerman, Elijah USA 7.50

Heat 2
1st Drummy, Pat USA 17.50
2nd Diaz, David USA 16.25
3rd Goza, Vincent USA 7.40
4th Jones, Chip USA 7.00

Heat 3
1st Wright, Morgan USA 15.35
2nd Matteson, Justin USA 15.15
3rd Long, Brandon USA 14.85
4th Budroe, Noah HAW 14.75

Heat 4
1st Tipton, Brandon USA 19.15
2nd Lamm, Mike USA 15.50
3rd Schnell, Ryan USA 12.45
4th Bacha, Branden USA 11.25

Heat 5
1st Reichle, Raymond HAW 15.45
2nd Taylor, Sean USA 12.50
3rd Parker, Charlie USA 12.95
4th Keets, Chris USA 12.15

Heat 6
1st Gahan, Andrew USA 17.75
2nd Mussio, Peter USA 16.00
3rd Zabrocki, Pat USA 9.40
4th Soderquist, Hugh USA 8.25

Heat 7
1st Shelton, Brad USA 14.25
2nd Schaffer, Ricky USA 11.75
3rd McPhillips, Collin USA 11.50
4th Towersey, Pat USA 7.25

Heat 8
1st Soderquist, Eric USA 14.50
2nd Steenbock, Tom USA 12.50
3rd Carvalho, Javier VEN 11.80
4th Gilholm, Benjamin HAW 11.00

Heat 9
1st Rotgans, Ian USA 15.85
2nd Nakamura, Greg USA 8.35
3rd Sapp, Corey USA 7.25
4th Norman, Nick USA 6.75

Heat 10
1st Falk, Chris USA 14.85
2nd Diamond, Eric USA 11.50
3RD Kamkoff, Alex USA 10.80
4th Condon, Anthony USA 9.40

Heat 11
1st Shelton, Bryan USA 20.75
2nd Wonders, Aaron USA 18.35
3RD Rengel, Peter USA 18.00
4th Umstead, Matty USA 10.25

Heat 12
1st Barga, Paul USA 17.25
2nd Hogan, Jim USA 14.80
3rd Nakaura, Akira JAP 14.60
4th Berkey, Peter USA 12.60

Heat 13
1st Severson, Benji USA 18.25
2nd Mullins, Julian USA 12.85
3rd Tashnick, Anthony USA 10.80
4th Kress, Jimmy USA 5.05

Heat 14
1st Stauffer, Joe USA 17.25
2nd Del Morro, Chris USA 17.25
3rd Fowler, Sean USA 14.00
4th Kincannon, Dave USA 12.00

Heat 15
1st Knox, Kyle USA 21.15
2nd Wells, Chad USA 19.25
3rd Richards, Kevin USA 15.30
4th Gudahi, Scotty USA 13.60

Heat 16
1st Booth, Jeff USA 24.75
2nd Simmons, Wiatt USA 21.40
3rd Goodrum, Darryl USA 18.50
4th Hendrick, Chad USA 13.75

Mens Round 2 (3rd=65th, 229 pts – 4th=81st)

Heat 1

1st Hoisington, Mike USA 22.50
2nd Pribram, James USA 19.50
3rd Cagle, Ryan USA 17.60
4th Wetzel, Bane USA 13.25

Heat 2
1st Diaz, David USA 20.00
2nd Long, Greg USA 15.90
3rd Miller, Cordell USA 13.75
4th Drummy, Pat USA 11.35

Heat 3
1st Baron, Shaun USA 20.90
2nd Matteson, Justin USA 19.00
3rd Lang, Jared USA 14.90
4th Wright, Morgan USA 14.00

Heat 4
1st Tipton, Branden USA 22.10
2nd Maus, Pat USA 20.40
3rd Stappelton, Donivan USA 15.75
4th Lamm, Mike USA 14.25

Heat 5
1st Helm, Ryan USA 19.35
2nd Hobson, Andy USA 19.00
3rd Parker, Charlie USA 17.60
4th Reichle, Raymond HAW 14.40

Heat 6
1st Kline, Todd USA 19.25
2nd Gahan, Andrew USA 15.75
3RD Mussio, Peter USA 14.45
4th Hayshi, Kunio USA 14.25

Heat 7
1st Diaz, Braden HAW 21.50
2nd Schaffer, Ricky USA 19.60
3rd Shelton, Brad USA 13.50
4th Ernst, Aaron USA 13.00

Heat 8
1st McCarthy, Kyle USA 21.25
2nd Soderquist, Eric USA 17.25
3rd Alesantro, Kaden USA 16.75
4th Steenbock, Tom USA 14.75

Heat 9
(Starts at 8 am, April 25, 2001)
Red Wasilawski, Strider HAW
White Bacha, Brandt USA
Yellow Rotgans, Ian USA
Blue Nakamura, Greg USA