Random Hires New Reps

Annex Distribution Inc., the distributors of Random Snowboards, has added twonew sales reps to the program. Chris “Stretch” Dunham and tech rep MikkelClark will be representing Random in the Nor Cal territory. Dunham iscurrently responsible for lines such as Dub Brand Outerwear, Flow Bindings,and DSO Eyewear and Goggles. Joining the family in the Midwest will be SteveWickner. Steve, in addition to his responsibilities with Da Kine, Dragon andNixon, will bring his positive attitude and years of riding experience to theRandom program.

Random Snowboards is currently expanding its domestic sales force. Qualifiedinterested parties should fax resume to Tom Brenner @ 949-488-7056 or e-mailhim at tsbrenner@aol.com.