Ranquet and Waara Tie The Knot

Mike Ranquet and Jennie Waara tied the knot on January 20th at the base of Mt. Baker’s halfpipe. The ceremony was short and sweet, held in front of a snow alter which did it’s best to freeze the ceremonial wine gauntlet in. Attire ranged from snowboard jackets to tuxedos.

The couple exchanged their vows, including one that promised never to leave for more than a few days when it was twenty-four degrees and there was twenty-four inches. To this Mike added, “Well, maybe for more than a couple days.”

As soon as the rings were exchanged and the binding kisses were had, the corks started flying. Small plastic glasses were distributed and the champagne was poured. The wedding party conversed as the couple made their first rounds as a married couple.

The halfpipe was reopened and many of the slightly intoxicated guests hiked back up to try their luck, while those not wearing their boots headed down to the reception held on the ashes of the Chandelier in Glacier.