Return of the Wildcats

Starring: Devun Walsh, JF Pelchat, Bjorn Leines, Chris Brown, Gaetan Chanut, Dionne Delesalle, Max Jenke, Chris Dufficy, Kale Stephens, and Dave Cashen.

Featuring: Mikey Leblanc, Joel Mahaffey, Jeremy Jones, Mike Page, Joni Malmi, David Carrier-Porchereon, Jake McIntyre, Paavo Tikkanen, Pete Anderson, Alex Auchu, Trevor Andrews, and many others.

Sponsors: Transworld Snowboarding Magazine, Iris Snow Goggles, Bluetorch TV, Drop Gloves, and Hotskates.

Summary:fun n 1. pleasant, enjoyable, and light-hearted activity or amusement. 2. snowboarding. 3. Return of the Wildcats. Promising to surpass the success of Lil’ Bastards, Return of the Wildcats will blow your mind with only the illest snowboarding shots and the most hilarious party footage. Showcasing the mischievous lifestyles of the 13 cats and some of their friends, this film strays from the norm, to give the viewer a more personal experience with the riders. By directing their own sections, each rider brings their own personality and creativity to the mix, with the end result being a film that is unique and incomparable to any other in snowboarding. Return of the Wildcats will also be available as a limited edition DVD, which includes bonus materials, such as rider bios, uncut footage, and more…

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