Roofie’s For Everyone

NHS manufactures graphic griptape for competitors.

NHS Inc., makers of Roofie’s Graphic Griptape and holders of a patent pending, has announced that it is manufacturing the popular product for Tum Yeto, World Industries, and Birdhouse. NHS introduced Roofie’s, which features full four-color printing on griptape, at the February ASR Trade Expo in Long Beach, California.

“Until now skaters only had two choices, to cover their decks with black griptape or colored griptape that doesn’t grip well,” says Tim Piumarta, NHS skateboard division manager and R&D engineer/designer. “But now we have made it technically possible to manufacture visually stimulating griptape with a variety of graphics to choose from.”

All Roofie’s Graphic Griptape features the Roofie’s brand logo on the peel-off paper, with each company’s own artwork on the griptape surface. The NHS product features photographic designs and patterns, like Girls, Vice, Skulls, NOFX, Flames, Money, Camo, Santa Cruz, and Creature. World Industries offers designs like Flameboy, Hellhole, Supersoaker, Battle, and Superfly. And Tum Yeto features Zero, Pig, and Toy Machine graphics on its Roofie’s products. Birdhouse plans to release designs from some of its brands, but the company has not announced any details or release dates.

Each company only offers its own Roofie’s products, which are available through their respective distribution channels.