Rossignol Plans To Go Big In ’00/01 New commerical, pro line, and graphics in the works.

Rossignol Snowboards is gearing up for some big growth, says PascalJoubert des Ouches, snowboard marketing manager for the brand.

Rossignol plans to build a minimum of 165,000 snowboards for the’00/01 season, he says, including 35,000 Original Sin boards.

Located an hour northeast of Barcelona, Spain in the tiny townof Artes, the Rossi factory built more than 120,000 snowboards lastyear.

Joubert also outlined some of the new promotional programs Rossihas in the works in an e-mail sent to SNOWboarding Business – includinga 30-second television commercial in October on U.S. channels.

According to Joubert, the commercial storyline follows a “fashionvictim” as he hikes up a mountain looking for a virgin pow run.”The guy looks like nobody from our tribe,” writes Joubert. “Heis more like a mixture of Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Bond.

“When he finally struggles to the top,” continues Joubert, “RonChiodi appears from nowhere, steps in looking so cool compared tothis poser, and blasts down the slope.”

Rossignol will pre-launch the ’00/01 pro line (boards for thespecialty market) in November and Joubert says the entire programwill be backed in specialty stores with solid point-of-purchasedisplays.

The graphics will continue to improve from last year, says Joubert,and Rossignol will launch a new corporate identity and corporatesymbol for the snowboard program “a major sign of Rossignol’s regenerationand commitment to the youth market,” writes Joubert.

The Rossignol team includes Andrew Crawford, Dionne Delesalle,Ron Chiodi, Jeremy Jones, JF Pelchat, Paavo Tikkanen, Tony Roos,Doriane Vidal, Jonas Emery, and Gaku Nagata.

Other developments, according to Joubert, include a new Web site,a strong consumer brochure for the winter months, and a new promotionalvideo called Riders Digest produced by Jacques Roiseux from AdventureScope that will debut in September.