Rusty Remodels Board House

By Ted Reckas

What were Chris Ward, Matt Coleman, and Damien Hobgood doing at La Jolla Shores, California on a two-foot, blown-out day? Representing Rusty at the grand re-opening of the Rusty Board House.

Construction began late February as workers knocked down the wall that separated the Board House from a former travel agency. The expanded and remodeled board house grew from a small, 600-square-foot box, to “more than twice as big–almost a normal-size surf shop,” says Rusty Preseindorfer, founder of the R-dot brand.

There is now a larger selection of Rusty boards, and plenty of room for the brand’s guys’ and girls’ apparel lines, as well as sandals. Rounding out the shop is a selection from Rip Curl wetsuits, and a rack of Sector Nine and Flexdex skateboards.

Groms walked away starry eyed, holding posters of Hobgood boosting with his C5 fins to the wind, signed by the man himself. Rusty gave away a board, and Rip Curl, Reef, FCS, and XM helped out with tons of extras. Local radio station Rock 105.3 FM was also there, handing out free goodies and concert info.

Shop Manager Eric Grassmann, on hand to oversee the event, says he is stoked to see all the local kids amped on the renovation and that Rusty is doing well.

TransWorld SURF Business

got a few minutes to talk to Preseindorfer, the man behind the magic.


SURF Business: So what’s new at the Rusty Board House?

Rusty: When we first opened it, it was really small–kind of an old-school surf shop with just surfboards, some trunks, and T-shirts. But now we can do more with our stuff, and we can do a better job representing some of the other vendors we have like Reef, Sanuk, DVS, and Globe.

What is the focus for this shop?

I don’t have any plans to do lots of stores. I grew up at this beach and there wasn’t really a good surf shop here at La Jolla Shores, so it’s kind of a little community service thing.

What do you think will sell best this summer?

We always sell a lot of boards here. Hopefully we’ll sell more clothes so people get the full range of what we do. The guys’, the girls’, the boys’ stuff–there’s a lot of great product, and it’s real hard to really showcase it all.

We’re going to have a small skate section. We carry Sector Nine, and Flexdex and we’re looking to maybe bring in some decks and components and do a little skate section–you know it’s just a neighborhood surf shop. We’re trying to do a better job, take care of the people down here.