Rusty Xcel Pro 2000 – Pancho Sullivan Wins

Sullivan reclaims his Rusty/XCEL Pro Title and goes on to win the HPAC series

Sunset Beach, Oahu, HAWAII (November 7, 2000) – After winning the Rusty/XCEL Pro in 1998, and placing second to Bruce Irons in 1999, Pancho Sullivan was again crowned king of Sunset, and handed a $4,000 check for his efforts. Sealing the title of the Rusty/XCEL Pro also lead Sullivan to win his second Hawaii Pro Am Circuit (HPAC) title, an Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) qualifying series of five surf events held on the North Shore and Neighbor Islands in large winter surf.

[IMAGE 3]As the third and final day in the Rusty/XCEL Pro began, surfers were blessed with sunny skies and clean surf in the 6 to 8 foot range. During these early rounds, Sullivan showed consistent power surfing and the ability to find the tubes. As the day progressed a second swell bumped the surf up into the 8 to 10+ foot range, with waves breaking on the outside reefs during the final. As wave size increased, and the two swells formed two different peaks at Sunset, Pancho was able to be in the right place at the right time – catching nine waves in the 35 minutes final. The other three surfers in the final caught between four and six waves.

But Sullivan’s win could have gone to Brian Pacheco had there not been a tie for first place. In this situation, judges broke the tie based on the two highest scoring waves of the competitors, instead of the normal three. Wave number six for Sullivan was a ride full of power with the knack of finding that tube ride over the inside reef section. This was reflected in the 8 point score, one of the highest scoring waves of the event.

During the awards ceremony, Sullivan was asked about what his thoughts were about the event. “To be a kid, growing up surfing in the shore break in front of Sunset, I have always dreamed of surfing out at the main break.” Pancho Sullivan has shown that he can surf other breaks as well as he does out at Sunset, as is reflected in the first place win of the HPAC Series. To win a series where points are awarded for each event, competitors must make semi-finals and finals of each event, and this Sullivan did, proving he can surf Pipeline, West Side Kauai, Velzyland as well as Sunset.

[IMAGE 2]Final Results for the Rusty/XCEL Pro:
1ST Place ==== Pancho Sullivan ==== $4,000
2nd Place ==== Brian Pacheco ==== $2,500
3rd Place ==== Myles Padaca ==== $1,500
4th Place ==== Liam McNamara ==== $1,300
=5th Place ==== Shane Beschen ==== $1,000
=5th Place ==== David Cantrell ==== $1,000
=7th Place ==== Sunny Garcia ==== $800
=7th Place ==== Joel Fitzgerald ==== $800

Hawaii Pro Am Circuit 2000 Results
Place ==== Name ==== From ==== Points
1st Place ==== Pancho Sullivan ==== Hawaii ==== 700
2nd Place ==== Myles Padaca ==== Hawaii ==== 683
3rd Place ==== Brian Pacheco ==== Hawaii ==== 639
4th Place ==== Derek Ho ==== Hawaii ==== 634
5th Place ==== Jason Bogle ==== Hawaii ==== 551
6th Place ==== Liam McNamara ==== Hawaii ==== 536

Adding to the excitement, the Rusty/XCEL Longboard Challenge, a 45 minute superheat was held right before the final of the main event. In 8 to 10 foot surf, former World Longboard Champion Bonga Perkins took first place and a $1,000 prize. Winner of the Hawaiian Longboard Federation series Kanoa Dahlin placed second and won $500, with Lance Ho’okano pocketing $300 for a third place finish.