Santa Cruz Team Manager Takes One For The Team

Sometimes it’s tough being a team manager. You’re expected to deal with all your team members’ wants and needs, plus you have to earn their respect by being their friend and riding with them. Well riding got one team manager in a little bit of trouble, but probably won her great respect among her team.

In early February, Santa Cruz Team Manager Holly Anderson humbled herself and sent out this e-mail to friends in the industry: “Before the grapevine gets on fire … let me tell you I wrecked myself snowboarding last Monday. I’m okay, but here’s what really went down (um… me?)

“I was riding at Sugar Bowl. Since I think I’m as good as the Santa Cruz team, I went off a good sized cliff and overshot the landing. I landed in the flat and my body compressed, slamming my knee into my cheekbone.

“No, I’m not as good as our team. Anyhow, I have three facial fractures and a gnarly swollen face.

Anderson ended up getting reconstructive surgery at the end of that week at UCSF Parnassus Medical Center. She’s now back in the office and working hard keeping up with sending out all the press releases about how successful the Santa Cruz team has been this season. She just doesn’t plan on following them on a snowboard any time soon.