Savier Signs Deal With Nike

New skate-footwear brand Savier announced a technology agreement with Nike that gives Savier access to footwear, material, and production technologies. “We started this company to make a real difference in skateboard footwear,” said Savier President Paul Fidrych. “This gives us access to all the best stuff, namely cushioning and air technologies. There were basically two ways to do product development—go to Asia and use the same resources others are using, or do it a better way. The better way is to use the real shit.”

Savier recently signed pros Brian Anderson and Brad Staba to help develop and promote the line. “Our first order of business after we incorporated was to establish partnerships and to secure funding. This gives us both,” said Fidrych. “In researching venture-capital options, most backers want a majority stake in the company as well as controlling interest. In this venture, we maintain 100-percent control of our company. This funding will allow us to access real performance-based innovations that will bring our products to the next level.”

Savier Inc. is a Portland, Oregon-based company who use skater-driven innovation to make performance footwear, apparel, and accessories.