Secret Rendezvous @ Mountain High

By Kevin Kinnear

Friday, January 14 was a hot day in the snow for Mountain High’s secondannual Industry Day. (I can’t remember ever sweating that much in a liftline during January.) But with decent coverage on the main trails,everyone had fun testing out the new FaultLine terrain park designed byESPN X-Games winner Jimi Scott and built by Swatch Boardercross designerKeith Pfahler.

But the best part was the Chuck Allen-designed raffle. He and SMP’sVipe Desai, who helped create this event last year when working for TheShop, made sure everyone was a winner-which they already were afterscarfing down a continental breakfast complete with Krispy Kreme donuts,and delicious fish tacos for lunch courtesy of Wahoo’s. Wrapping up thetacos was no less than Wahoo’s enigmatic and charismatic founder Wing,who is now world-famous after recently appearing on TV in a surprisinglycool Merrill Lynch ad that might even make the cut for the Superbowl. Atthe end of the Wahoo’s food line were free Bacardi cocktails to helplubricate the crowd of seventy people representing over thirty snowboardcompanies.

After a Joyride snowboard and Envy longboard skateboard were givenaway, TransWorld’s Kayse Hagins traded in her raffle ticket for a jar ofdirt and a can of Liquid Gold furniture cleaner. Chuck Allen gallantlyoffered Kayse a chance to exchange her prize for anything wonpreviously. After scoping out the snowboard and longboard clutchedtightly by their new owners, Kayse kept shaking the jar full of dirt anddecided to go for the hidden treasure hidden inside. Chuck thensurprised Kayse–and everyone else–by handing her a Mongoose mountainboard. Paydirt.

The grand prize was a bitchen’ GT beach cruiser bike that I had my eyeon, along with everyone else in the room. But Chuck must have sensed myburning desire for the groovy two-wheeler and asked me to pick thewinning ticket out of the box˜he then introduced me as Âthe inventor ofsnowboarding and surfing so I’d feel better about being burned. If I’dhadn’t been seduced by so many Bacardi cocktails, I might’ve had senseenough to fake pulling my own number out of the box. But being anhonest soul, I didn’t fake picking Charlie Anderson’s number either(TransWorld’s director of sales and marketing) like he kept yelling atme I should have done during our ride home in his Suburban. It turnedout to be a good thing I didn’t win or Charlie said I would’ve beenriding the bike home.

Instead, 49 was the lucky number belonging to Andy Tucker from StompDesign in Huntington Beach and he was grinning ear-to-ear while sittingon my bike. I’m coming back to win in 2001, and next time I ain’tdriving with Charlie.

Thanks to Mountain High for a great terrain and a rad party.