Shannon Dunn Wins X Games SuperPipe

Shannon Dunn stuck her first run of the best-of-three SuperPipe format and never looked back in at the 2001 ESPN Winter X Games at Mount Snow, Vermont. It was one of the best-ever women’s halfpipe competitions held, as the field pushed each other to go bigger than ever out of the pipe. But it took a combination of big straight airs and spins to win the contest, as many of the contestants pulled down 720s and Mctwists.

The crowd was totally supporting the women. Guys were calling the girls “hotties” and telling them how much they loved them, while some of the competitors totally played right into it. After her run, Kelly Clark stripped off her jacket to expose a wife-beater T-shirt and fake biker tattoos on both shoulders while she claimed her run and played right to the camera.

But Dunn rode to victory and her second X Games medal in two days, after her Slopestyle second yesterday. She was actually sporting a bloody nose after crashing in the pipe during practice, but put it all together in the finals. Her run included a 720 cab to straight air to Mctwist to a frontside switch Haakon.

“I didn’t know if I could beat that so I just decided I’d have fun,” she said. “It was rad watching everyone else. Everyone is really pushing the level up and I’m just trying to improve my level. I haven’t been riding pipe that much this year. I’ve just been snowboarding a lot and riding the pipe at Mammoth at the bottom of my runs. But I’ve been riding pipe for twelve years and I just learned that trick frontside switch Haakon, so I put it in. But I still suck,” she said modestly.

At the end of the contest, Zurek didn’t even know she had moved into second place with her final run. On it, she put together two great inverted spins in the middle of the pipe and stuck the final straight airs, with the necessary amplitude. “One was a Mactwist and the other I thought was going to be a Crippler, but I kind of went weird and got lucky that I landed it,” she said, describing her run afterward. “I was just thinking that I had to land my tricks because the other runs weren’t solid. I thought Shannon’s run was awesome.”

Swiss Fabienne Reuteler waited until the third run to move into third place by sticking a 720 at the bottom of the pipe. She bumped Clark out of the top three with the run.

Tomorrow’s action finishes up with the Big Air, with women starting things off and men finishing in the afternoon. Look for more updates live from Mount Snow.

Womens’ SuperPipe Results

1. Shannon Dunn2. Natasza Zurek3. Fabienne Reuteler4. Stine Brun-Kjeldass5. Kelly Clark6. Tricia Byrnes7. Gretchen Bleiler8. Cara-Beth Burnside9. Minna Hesso10. Barrett Christy