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DC In The News

As a strong follow-up to this summer’s premiere of The DC Video, DC Shoe Co. has again made the news. First, DC Owners Damon Way and Ken Block have granted equity interest to Veteran pros Danny Way and Colin McKay. Both Danny Way and McKay have been with DC since its inception in 1994, and Damon Way and Block are pleased to provide the pros with shares of DC stock. In a recent press release, Block says, “These guys have been a huge part of our success since the beginning. It’s nice to finally have it official because they deserve it.”

DC has also announced that it has settled its legal dispute with former CFO Clayton Blehm.Stomp On This

DuFFS footwear has been busy this past season with an Anthony “Ragdoll” Scalamere shoe in the works. Ragdoll’s shoe is available in both lace-up and slip-on versions, depending on how lazy you are. Stacy Lowery also has a “designed by” shoe, the Monty,

Also new from DuFFS is a line of sandals, the T.Y.S.S.O. (Things You Shouldn’t Step On). There are pictures of nails, dog doo and broken glass on the bottom of the sandals, with more to come.

The Etnies Skatepark Of Lake Forest is under construction and set to open Saturday, November 22. The grand opening will feature pro demos from all Etnies, éS, and Emerica teams, as well as live music from a yet-undisclosed band.

As a response to its popularity in colder climates such as Scandinavia, IPath footwear has recently released a fur-lined addition of its popular Cats shoe.

DC pro Josh Kalis has followed in Chet Thomas’ footsteps and signed with West 49 skate shop in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

Soled Out Show NYC

A Celebration Of Sneaker Culture

A diverse grouping of skateboarders, sneaker nerds, hipsters, hip-hoppers, and fashionistas waited not-so-patiently in line for the Soled Out Show-an event for sneaker companies to showcase their footwear to powerful and influential sneaker elitists, held on the evening of Wednesday, September 10 in New York City at Club Flow.

The crew at, a Web site devoted to the latest and greatest in footwear styles and trends, are the people responsible for this level of sneaker praise. The Soled Out Show is more than a celebration-the underground and powerful sneaker elitists present at the event are an influential group in the world of skateboard shoes.

This was the third Soled Out Show. The first one was held in Los Angeles in December 2002, and the second took place in San Francisco earlier this year in March. The NYC show was the largest one yet, so the next one will likely grow in both size and popularity.

In addition to the sneaker fans, the sneaker paparazzi made their way into the show as well. There were photos snapping all night long, and interviews with the influential sneaker enthusiasts took place left and right.

One of the main attractions was the sneaker bar, which stretched the entire length of the room, where sneaker enthusiasts gathered to fill out surveys about each shoe. There were even more people in line at the sneaker bar than at the alcohol bar. The upstairs hosted “Sneaker Heaven,” a room that consisting of over a hundred sneakers hanging from the ceiling that shadowed some sneaker-related art projects.

The attitude at the show was 100-percent positive, and there were no trade-show like qualities, no orders being written, and no sales reps scurrying around showing off every little special feature on each shoe. All the brands had the same platform to work with, perhaps the best platform out there-the shoes themselves.Skate-footwear brands supporting the show included Savier, Vans, Etnies, éS, Nike, adidas, and more.-MM