SIA To Bestow Retailer’s Choice Award at TWS Riders’ Poll

SIA Gears Up To Bestow Retailer’s Choice Honors at TransWorld Media’s 2001Riders’ Poll AwardsMcLEAN, VA (January 12, 2001) ñ For the second consecutive year, SIA willpresent the Retailer’s Choice Award on Sunday, March 11 at the Third AnnualTransWorld Riders’ Poll Awards. The exclusive Riders’ Poll Awards Ceremonyis a gathering of the world’s best professional snowboarders, snowboardmanufacturers and industry leaders. This exciting event will draw a crowdof more than 2000 to the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino’s “The Joint” duringthe 2001 Snow Sports Industry Show in Las Vegas.

The SIA Retailers’ Choice Award is given to the male and female athletewho are deemed to have the greatest influence on retail sales in the pastseason. Dave Wray, SIA’s West Coast Manager, explains, “Over the next fewweeks, we’ll be calling retailers across the country and asking them toweigh in with which pro rider has driven the most people into their store.The winner of this award is chosen solely on the basis of those buyers’or shop owners’ responses, so it gives a clear indication of the directimpact the sponsored riders have on sales.”

Wray comented that the retailers who cast their votes are very enthusiasticabout being involved in the process. Benny Peligrino at Milo Sport in SaltLake City, UT, has already cast his votes and is pleased to have a chanceto recognize riders who contribute to the growth of their sport. “I’m especiallyexcited about the woman rider I nominated this year because I think she’sdone a lot not only to drive the sales of women’s products in my store,but also to get more women excited about the sport of snowboarding,” Peligrinosaid.

This prestigious award is quickly becoming recognized by athletes and manufacturersalike as a great source of feedback from the retailers that they supply.”It sends a big message when dozens of retailers say that a certain athletehas people geared up about the sport and that consumers are specificallyasking for that riders’ pro model,” commented Louise Balma, Special EventsDirector for TransWorld Media. “That lets us know that the athlete hasreally done a great job of marketing themselves to snowsports enthusiasts.”The athletes also recognize that winning the Retailers’ Choice Award makesan important statement about their success in the business aspect of theirjob. Last year’s male category winner, Peter Line, exclaimed upon acceptance,”Thanks everyone, I’m going to use this award to help renegotiate my contractnext year.”The award will be presented by SIA President David Ingemie after a videointroduction showing clips of the types of promotions riders do to helpdrive retail sales of the brands they represent. For nominees and moreinformation about the Riders’ Poll Awards, check more information about the Retailers’ Choice Award and the 2001 SnowsportsIndustry Show, go to