SIMA Surf Summit 4: The Aftermath

More than 150 surf industry executives made their way down to Cabo San Lucas for the fourth annual Surf Industry Manufacturers Association Surf Summit — and it was quite the party.

The well-attended panel discussions and seminars covered such topics as the changing role of pro surfing, the booming women’s market, the ongoing trade-show war, and the environment. But the surf was cracking, and most attendees scored at least one memorable morning session out on the East Cape.

And then there was the night life.

Later this week TransWorld SURF Business will provide detailed coverage of the seminars and topics of SIMA Surf Summit 4 — which were thought provoking and occasionally drama filled.

This morning, however, we’d like to present our “There Oughta Be An Award” list for SIMA Surf Summit 4, highlighting the good, the bad, and the just plain stupid hijinks that occurred during the conference. (P.S. If we’re missing something good, drop us an e-mail at

**** Top Ten “There Oughta Be An Award” List ****

Number 10
The “Why Does The Surf Look So Small” award goes to Ezekiel’s Vince De La Peña, who drove nearly to the Sea Of Cortez after missing the turn off to Punta Perfecta.

Number 9
The “Fourteen Will Get You Twenty” Award goes out to a few google-eyed attendees who were overheard exclaiming: “I can’t believe she’s only fourteen!”

Number 8
The “It’s Just Like Pipeline” award goes to Laguna Surf & Sport Manager/DVS Surf Team Manager Brandy Faber who swore a certain closed-out lineup was “Just like Off The Wall.” Perhaps his marathon birthday celebration the night before clouded his judgment.

Number 7
The “Who Needs Sunscreen” award goes to Electric’s Bruce Beach who charged solo out to the East Cape without water, without a towel, and (most importantly) without any sunscreen. His four-hour session left him redder than a rhubarb. Kids, let this be a lesson to you.


Number 6
The “Take ’em Out At The Knees” award goes to Thom McElroy of McElroy:FCB who Indian wrestled a host of strangers to the ground on the slick metal floors of Squid Roe.

Number 5
The “I’m Only Marking My Territory” award goes to Ezekiel’s Joe Piccolo who almost got arrested after watering the flowers of the local Federale station. As a variation on the theme, Volcom’s Troy Eckert wins the “Why does the elevator smell so funny” award.

Number 4
The “I Ain’t Moving ’til I Talk To The Guy In Charge” award goes to Globe’s Kevin Flanagan, who unsuccessfully used his non-violent sit-in skills when the bouncers tried to 86 him from Squid Roe. Seems they didn’t appreciate the big-man’s backflip off the second-floor balcony like the rest of us did. Go figure.

Number 3
The “Don’t Forget Your Beer Goggles” award goes to the host of sad sacks who returned from the upstairs “private rooms” at Veinte/Veinte a little wiser and twenty or forty dollars poorer.

Number 2
The “We Gotta Do Something About This” award goes to select members of the SIMA board who pulled Surf Expo’s Lori Kisner and ASR’s Court Overin out of the retailer seminar for an impromptu meeting. More on this one later. Ah, the drama! (wink)

Number 1
The “Gene Kelly” Award goes to Spy’s John Gothard who was dancing on a table at Squid Roe, attempted to leap to another table, only to miscalculate the distance and land in a heap. Spy’s John Lee confirmed that Gothard’s thigh looked like the receiving end of a baseball-bat beating and that Gothard was unable to lift his right arm. TransWorld SURF Business wishes Gothard a speedy recovery and hopes that he’s once again dancing on tables real soon.


Log back in Wednesday for the more serious side of SIMA Surf Summit 4. In the meantime, check out our slide show (found on the right) from the SIMA Surf Summit.