Sims Teams With Michael Bay On New Large-Format Film

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. – January 15, 2001 – Sims Distribution, Inc. announced today that Michael Bay has partnered with Nevus Entertainment and the leading filmmakers in action sports to produce and direct the ultimate large-format, action sports film, scheduled for release Spring 2003. The action sports lifestyle- which includes surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, and motocross- has emerged as a multi-billion dollar industry that continues to define the trends of the massive youth market. Leading filmmakers teaming up with Bay include Taylor Steele, Mike McEntire, Mike Hatchett, Bill Ballard, and Dave Seoane.

“I am looking forward to collaborating with these filmmakers,” said Bay. “They dominate their respective sports- having themselves become major brand names across the youth market. By coming together on a large-format project, the action sports market will finally have an entertainment platform that can adequately project the intensity of the world’s most thrilling and dangerous lifestyle sports.”

Executive Producers Greg Mauro and John Textor were responsible for bringing Bay together with these leading action sports filmmakers. Mauro heads Nevus, which develops television and film projects for the five leading filmmakers in action sports, while John Textor is Chairman of Sims Distribution and the co-creator/producer of the World Snowboarding Championships.

“By combining a $1.5 billion Hollywood action director with the biggest names in snowboarding, skate, surf and BMX- and putting an industry-first $12 million product on a screen that is eight-stories high- we are providing a creative platform that defies all historical convention in the making of action sports films,” added Textor.

The large-format partnership will feature the biggest action sports stars while introducing Bay’s signature camera angles and high-impact action sequences to the irreverent and rebellious alternative sports genre. “This film will reflect the fact that unlike traditional team sports, action sports are fundamentally about self-expression, exhibition, and personality,” said Bay.

As is customary in action sports, the soundtrack will be a critical component of the film. Nevus filmmakers have already helped launch a wide variety of musical acts into mainstream stardom. Artists including Blink-182, Limp Bizkit, Ben Harper, and Sublime were showcased on Nevus filmmaker soundtracks, movie premieres, and musical tours well in advance of receiving national radio airplay. “This film will break some emerging acts, as our filmmakers have done in the past, in addition to showcasing some new material from some very well-known acts,” said Mauro.

Industry watchers are impressed. “The thought of seeing our sports in large-format through the eyes of Michael Bay is truly exciting,” says Tim Wrisley, group publisher of TransWorld Media, which includes TransWorld SNOWboarding, TransWorld SKATEboarding, TransWorld SURF, TransWorld Motocross, TransWorld BMX, RIDE BMX, and TransWorld STANCE magazines. “This unique group of collaborators should produce something never seen before.”Brand sponsorship and placement opportunities are expected to contribute significantly to the film’s budget. “Large-format projects have begun to offer valuable opportunities for advertisers. Within action sports, film sponsorship is an integral and accepted practice-we plan to leverage both trends and provide a tremendous high-profile, high-impact opportunity for advertisers,” said Bay. In addition to the film, multiple “making-of/behind-the-scenes” specials will be made for promotional purposes in collaboration with major cable and television networks.

About Michael Bay

Producer and Senior Director Michael Bay’s Bay is the youngest director ever to reach the $1.5 billion dollar box office mark. Bay’s first film, Bad Boys, an action comedy starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, grossed $140 million worldwide and set a new course for the action-comedy genre. Bay’s big-budget action film, The Rock, starring Academy Award winners Nicolas Cage and Sean Connery, was the summer blockbuster of 1996, winning critics over with its remarkable visual excitement, high-wire suspense, and riveting performances. In 1998, Armageddon, starring Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck, grossed $555 million to become the 13th highest worldwide grossing film of all time. Armageddon led to a record-setting budget for Bay’s move into the producing/directing role he played for the historical action epic Pearl Harbor. In addition to motion pictures, Bay is an accomplished commercial director, having won virtually every major commercial directing award, including the Gold and Silver Lions at Cannes.

About Sims Distribution

Sims Distribution, based in Oceanside, California, is the original pioneer in the snowboard industry, with over twenty-five of innovative production and service. They are the makers of snowboards, bindings, boots, outerwear and street wear.

About Nevus Entertainment
Nevus develops television, game, and large-screen film projects for the five leading filmmakers in action sports: Taylor Steele, Mike McEntire, Mike Hatchett, Bill Ballard, and Dave Seoane. Together, these filmmakers represent the most high-profile combination of known personalities in the alternative sports, lifestyle, and related musical entertainment scene. They possess unmatched relationships with leading athletes, musicians, and industry players. Within the core surf, skate, and snow markets, their collective action movie sales represent over 60% of all alternative sports videos sold since 1995 and 80% of the top 25 videos sold since 1995.

About Taylor Steele

The name “Taylor Steele” has been referred to many times by industry insiders as not just a filmmaker, but instead more of a “movement”. Steele’s influence on the market over the past decade is what makes him one of the most powerful and marketable names in action sports. Though he’s best known for award winning surf films like The Show, Momentum, Loose Change, and Hit&Run, Steele is branching out into skate and motocross films as well, including the widely anticipated skate film Hallowed Ground. To understand Steele’s impact on the young male culture, consider the fact that he’s made stars of athletes and musicians alike. Bands like Pennywise, Blink-182, The Offspring, Sublime, NoFX, Jack Johnson, Sprung Monkey and others got their first big breaks by being featured on Steele’s soundtracks and film release tours, long before they received any national radio play.

About Mike McEntire

Although his best friends would hardly recognize Mike McEntire by his real name, his alias, Mack Dawg, is the undisputed king of freestyle snowboard films. For more than ten years Mack Dawg has been steering the sport of snowboarding in new directions with his groundbreaking films. For the past decade kids around the world have eagerly anticipated his annual releases because of his uncanny ability to catch everything. With hits like Simple Pleasures, Decade, Technical Difficulties, and Amp, Mack Dawg has solidified himself as the leader of all snowboard video sales. Through his award winning titles, he’s also been instrumental in promoting bands like Social D, Pulley, and The Adolescents.

About Mike Hatchett

No other filmmaker in the past decade has captured the true essence of big-mountain snowboarding better than Mike Hatchett. Not only has he has put together one of the most extensive and high-quality archives of snowboarding footage in the world, but Hatchett’s Totally Board movie series, having won numerous awards both domestically and internationally, opens annually to high critical acclaim and fanfare. Building on his success, Hatchett’s Standard Films teamed up with Fox Racing in the late 90’s to produce the immensely popular motocross videos Terrafirma 4, 5, and 6. These motocross films have captivated audiences and garnered so much acclaim that Hatchett has become a force equally respected in the
snow and in the dirt.

About Bill Ballard

Hailing from Hawaii, Bill Ballard’s unprecedented access to secret Hawaiian surf locales and talented young surfers makes Ballard the hottest up-and-comer in surf films today. With a repertoire of successful titles including The Moment, Triple-C, Better Days, and Revelation, as well as groundbreaking all-women surf films such as Blue Crush and Peaches, Ballard has been praised industry-wide for showcasing previously under-represented talent. With an army of young Hawaiian surfers currently positioning themselves to dominate the sport in the early part of the 21st Century, nobody is, or has been, in a better position to document the takeover than Ballard.

About Dave Seoane
Although Dave Seoane is perhaps best known for producing what has been called the best crossover film ever made, My Way, which featured the world’s best snowboarders, surfers, skaters, and motocross stars, Seoane is also known for setting new cinematography standards for snowboarding films. Utilizing his own athletic talents, Seoane regularly follows the world’s best snowboarders down the mountain, capturing breathtaking images of a rider’s entire run, even if they’re falling off a cliff, screaming down a steep face, or flying through the air inverted. His close relationship with Terje Haakonsen, the world’s best snowboarder, enabled the filmmaker to produce both of Terje’s signature films, The Haakonsen Faktor and Subjekt Haakonsen. These movies broke numerous sales records and are arguably the best snowboard films ever.