Six steps on how to do an air to fakie

By Jamie PhillipsStep 1:
The best time to try to learn an air to fakie is while you’re doing a run in the pipe and feeling confident. First, search the frontside wall of the pipe for a section that is a bit over-vert or at least has the best vert in the pipe your riding.

Step 2:
When you are lining up in the flatbottom don’t ride up the wall like you’re going to do a normal air, you have to straighten out your angle and then line up heading straight at the wall.

Step 3:
Slowly extend your body to the top of the transition until you take off and start going up. Make sure you start grabbing melanchollie nice and early. Once you have grabbed your board, straighten and extend your front foot—this is called tweaking.

Step 4:
As you reach the highest peak of your air, your tweak should be at its maximum. When you start coming down, let your hand slide toward the front of your binding and extend your legs.

Step 6:
When you’re just about to land on the transition, letgo of your board and make sure your weight is back on your board. That way, when you land, you will land perfectly in the transition.

Step 7:
Don’t forget to breathe!