Skateboard Swap Meet

The third Skater Trader event was held on Sunday, December 7 in a nondescript parking lot in San Diego. Despite gloomy weather, dozens of old-school skaters came pouring out of the woodwork to show off their collections of vintage boards, trucks, wheels, and more.

Skater Trader is an event that caters to past and present generations of skateboarders, and gives collectors a forum to show off their collections and shop around for trades or sales. David Anderson, owner of, was pleased with the turnout. There were more people at the other shows, but the turnout is good, considering the weather. Anderson has put on three such shows in the past year and has plans for more in the future. Skater Trader number four will be in spring, with almost 30 board collectors. Ive already been asked when Skater Trader is coming to the East Coast and to Europe.

Over a dozen vendors showed up looking to trade or sell, each with impressive collections. Most had their eyes on very specific boards. San Diego local E.J. Griffin displayed several vintage boards from the flatbed of his pickup truck. Theres only a couple here I would actually part with, he explains. But if the right board comes along, that could all change. Griffin has been collecting old-school boards for several years, but prefers quality to quantity. It cant be any old boardits got to be just right.

Collector Damon Mills brought a few board boxes filled with memorabilia, including boards from Bulldog, Foundation, and Bahne.

Although the skaters were mostly older, the seasoned veterans in attendance were happy to enlighten the younger crowd with colorful history lessons of days past. The all-day event ended with a trip down memory lane in the form of a slide show.

When asked what the future held for Skater Trader, Anderson replies, Travel the planet with the eventand there will be more old-school pros and legends.