Snowboard Mechanics Workshops Schedule Announced

UNDERHILL CENTER, VT (February 21, 2001) – The Workshops will begin the twelfth season under faculty management this September. The schedule announced today covers visits to 18 ski areas across the country.

On Day 1, we will offer three full-day courses: Binding Mechanics Basic, Binding Mechanics Advanced, and Rental Mechanics Update. The binding and rental courses will cover all popular alpine binding brands.

On Day 2 the full-day course options will be: Ski Tuning and Repair, Snowboard Tuning and Repair, and Boot Fitting. The boot program will cover the basics of fitting alpine, telemark, and snowboard products from several popular brands.

At seven locations we will also provide one day of management seminars. This program will offer three course options for snow sport professionals: Rental Shop Management, Service Center Management, and Performance Tuning.The per-day-fee for those who register before June 1 is $100.

(1) WORKSHOP/SEMINAR Sept 13-15 McIntyre, NH
(2) WORKSHOP Sept 17-18 Shawnee Mtn, PA
(3) WORKSHOP Sept 20-21 Chicago, IL*
(4) WORKSHOP/SEMINAR Sept 26-28 Loveland Valley, CO**
(5) WORKSHOP Oct 1-2 Discovery, MT
(6) WORKSHOP/SEMINAR Oct 4-5 Snoqualmie Pass, WA
(7) WORKSHOP Oct 8-9 Mt Bachelor, OR
(8) WORKSHOP/SEMINAR Oct 11-13 Mt Rose, NV
(9) WORKSHOP Oct 18-19 Snow Valley, CA**
(10) WORKSHOP Oct 22-23 Mt Brighton, UT
(11) WORKSHOP Oct 25-26 Taos, NM
(12) WORKSHOP Oct 29-30 Afton Alps, MN
(13) WORKSHOP/SEMINAR Nov 1-3 Grand Geneva, WI
(14) WORKSHOP Nov 5-6 Snow Trails, OH
(15) WORKSHOP/SEMINAR Nov 8-10 Holiday Valley, NY
(16) WORKSHOP Nov 12-13 Hunter Mtn, NY
(17) WORKSHOP/SEMINAR Nov 15-17 Ascutney, VT**
(18) WORKSHOP Nov 19-20 Bryce Mtn, VA

*Hotel or commercial property–location to be announced.
**To be confirmed.

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