Sole Tech Appoints East Coast Marketing Rep

Sole Technology (Etnies, eS, Emerica, 32) welcomes recently appointed East Coast Marketing Representative Craig Metzger to the family.

“Craig grew up on the east coast and started skateboarding in 1985 to score chicks,” says Sole Tech, in a press release. “Although it didn’t work to impress the ladies, it certainly impressed us. Craig has an extensive background in skateboarding, ranging from retail to his time at working as editor.”

Based in New York, Metzger will be working with East Coast magazines and events, as well as scouting new talent with the teams department.

If you would like to talk to him about events, sponsorships, amazing riders in the East, or just say hi, give him shout out at: (718) 545-8796; He’ll also be at ASR … hide your women.