Split Girls Hosts First Skateboarding “Learn to Ride”

Split teamrider Andy Macdonald and many volunteer instructors taught more than 50girls and women, ages six to 30, to skateboard at the inaugural Split Girl Skateboarding “Learn To Ride” on Sunday, October 1 at the Mission Valley YMCA Skatepark in San Diego, California.

Participants’ ability levels were as varied as their ages. While some had never been on a skateboard, others were interested in learning new tricks like dropping in on a vert ramp. In addition to the skateboard instruction, participants in the Split Girl “Learn to Ride” received a free Split Girl T-shirt, lunch from Wahoo’s Fish Tacos, goodie bags from Split and Nitro Records, and a chance to win prizes such as Harbinger safety gear, Gallaz shoes, an Andy Macdonald Pro-Tec Helmet and Split Girl gift certificates. Some girls also took advantage of the free makeovers offered by local San Diego cosmetics store, Skin Market.

“The day was amazing and met all our goals for the ‘Learn to Ride’ program,” says Mark Sperling, director of marketing for Split. “Girls of all ages came together in a relaxed environment to have fun learning to skateboard with a group of teachers who were excited to bring more athletes into the sport.”

The next Split Girl “Learn to Ride” will take place on December 9 at theMountain High Resort in Wrightwood, California, where particiapants will have an opportunity to learn to snowboard. The 2001 “Learn to Ride” program will include events in skateboarding, snowboarding, wakeboarding, surfing, and motocross.

For more information, check out splitusa.com.