Stefan Gimpl Takes Air & Style for 3rd Time

Again and again and again……! The winner is Stefan Gimpl.

The 22 years old guy from Salzburg wins the Air & Style Contest thethird time in a row!

Darius Heristchian (SUI) and Ingemar Backmann (SWE) follow 2nd and 3rd.

Once again the Air & Style Snowboard Contest was the expected highlightfor this year’s snowboarding season. The worlds best snowboarders wereinvited to Seefeld for the 9th Air & Style Snowboard Contest to checkthe prize money of US $ 100.000,-.

Surrounded with the hot music of “Samy Deluxe” and “lostprophets” fromwales, accompanied by the worlds best Skateboarders and the 16 bestsnowboarders, despite frosty temperatures below Zero, the hype in theCasino Arena was great.

In the qualification runs the Austrian Mr. Air & Style reached thesecond place and together with Ingemar Backman (Swe), and DariusHeristchian (Ch) he was qualified for the Super Finals. Accompanied bythe screams of 15. 000 fans, Stefan Gimpl determined with his firstjump the 9th Air & Style Contest winner, Ingemar (two times winner ofthe Air & Style) and Darius had no chance to endanger the victory ofthe 22 year old Stefan Gimpl. He won the contest with a perfect 900grab, the same jump he did when he won the Air & Style Contest lastyear. 20.000 US $ and a Honda ATV were waiting for the winner.

The second highlight of the evening was something unusual andspectacular – an air & style skate jam in the mountains. 8 world topriders rocked the red bull king size vertramp despite of really icytemperatures. The ramp with a huge roof was heated during the entireeventing. At the end, sandro dias (bra) won the biggest part of the us$30.000,-, followed by Pierre Luc Gagnon (CAN) and Mathias Ringstroem(SWE).


1. Stefan Gimpl Burton AUT 256
2. Darius Heristchian Nidecker SUI 242
3. Ingemar Backman Allian SWE 239
4. Jakob Wilhelmson Lib Tech SWE 226
5. Christian “Gigi” Ruef Burton AUT 214
6. Roger Hjelmstadstuen Airwalk NOR 197
7. Jussi Oksanen Burton FIN 150
8. Jonas Emery Rossignol SUI 99


1. Sandro Dias BRA
2. Pierre-Luc Gagnon CAN
3. Mathias Ringstrom SWE


1. Markuu Koski FIN
2. Martin Cernik CZE
3. Tom ?Noodle” Recheis AUT
4. Joachim Köffler AUT
5. Mini Karpf GER