Stefan Karlsson and Natasza Zurek Win Park City Quarterpipe

Jaime Macleod: As we wait to begin this quarterpipe contest at Park City Utah, we have a few beers in hand, and we’re excited to see what’s going to happen tonight. What do you think Ross?

Ross Powers: I think we’re going to see a lot of people trying to do straight airs as big as they can. We’ve seen Ricky Bower do a big old Michalchuk in practice and he’s looking good. I don’t know what the winner will do. We’ll probably see some people do McTwists on the quarterpipe as well. Natasza’s done one in practice, and she’s probably a contender there.

JM: They’ve definitely done a good job with the light balls that light up the whole area. A good crowd came out, not like yesterday for the halfpipe, but these are definitely older people. We’re about to start with Kelly Clark dropping in first. She’s been killing it all day. She’s been going bigger than all the other girls, so hopefully she’ll get it here. She does a big ol’ Indy. We’ll need to watch if she does a McTwist later. Ross will tell us a little more about the scene.

RP: There are bunch of kids out here watching and they’re super psyched. It’s pretty warm considering it’s nighttime. Definitely a lot of people with backpacks on. Everyone seems to be having a good time.

JM: The quarterpipe looks to be in pretty good shape. How big do you think it is?

RP: I’d say it’s somewhere between 17 and 20 feet high with a good transition. Pat and Tonino and all the guys who hooked it up did a really good job. It’s one of the best quarterpipes I’ve seen all year.

JM: That was Natasza who just went and she can do a lot better than that. It’s beginning to be a really good contest and we have a lot of jumps and riders to go. I believe this is a jam format so they start out in order and just keep going and going. Jam formats are awesome.


JM: Nice method for the Italian rider, Rita Comi. Almost as big as Kelly. We’ll see more from her later.

RP: Stefan Karlsson just went about nine feet high. We saw him go bigger in the pipe, so watch out for later jumps.

JM: Here comes Adam Petraska.

RP: Ad’s been sleeping on the couch this afternoon. He said he’s going to do a bunch of straight airs. I bet he does a tail grab . Oh, he does a method and tweaks it out. Definitely as big as Stefan’s but more tweaked out.

JM: This has definitely been a method contest so far, but it’s just begun.

RP: Justin Lameureux just did a switch method. It was about half the size of the others, but it’s about twice as hard a trick. Ricky Bower’s dropping in. He’s been doing huge methods and Michalchuks all day. The crowd’s really behind him. Yeah, he just did a big method, as big as the others.

JM: The Canadian team coach Dennis is about to go. He’s been going bigger than most everyone else, and that’s pretty cool being the Canadian team coach and all.

RP: Yeah, the Canadian coach just dropped in and showed all the other riders how it’s done. He’s coaching them! He did the biggest method yet and traveled a long ways but landed a little on the deck but came back to his feet. He’ll lose a couple of points, but it was sick.

JM: Of course, Nick Franke just did the first spin of the night. He landed a little flat, but he can do better. Wow. Zach Horwitz just did the biggest method yet with the best landing.

RP: They should have one run to see who can do the biggest straight air. And then one run for anything but a straight air.

JM: It’s definitely a method contest so far here at Park City. Methods are the most fun to do on a quarterpipe, so obviously everyone’s going to do it. So is it going to be someone who does a technical trick to take it or someone who does a humongous method?


JM: New development. We’re in the dark here now. Right before Alisa Mokler’s run five of the big white light balls went out. So what’s going to happen? It’s going to delay the contest for a few minutes.

RP: Prediction: Someone’s going to get top three with a straight air. Definitely in girls and maybe in guys. Okay, Dennis, the Canadian coach is currently in first.

JM: Recap: There are a few lights on, but some are still out. There’s a hold on the contest, and a hold on the beer. You need credentials to get in the VIP tent where there’s more beer. We’re still having fun and staying warm.

(the lights come back on a few minutes later)

RP: Ricky Bower just did the Michalchuk. Higher than any other spins we’ve seen yet. Landed smooth. The crowd’s cheering for him. I think he should be on top right now. It’s starting to snow a little. Not big flakes, but it’s getting a little colder, the lights are back on and people are charging.

JM: Okay, we just saw the biggest backside five from, who was that guy?

RP: I think it was Markus Jonnson.

JM: Now, we just saw what’s going to take the women’s and she can probably do just a little better, but Natasza just pulled a McTwist. Needs to get the grab next time, and that will be it.


JM: We’re about two or three runs down, and things are going good. The crowd’s going crazy. Riders are really getting into it and getting warmed up. It’s snowing right now and it always seems to snow for these kinds of contests. We’re having a few beers and I have to go to the bathroom really badly right now. Just thought you’d like to know that.

RP: Stefan Karlsson just did a huge air and just touched the high mark like Dennis did. It should put him in the top three. Oh, he’s the leader now.

JM: We’re here with Blotto Burton team manager. Give us a couple of comments.

Blotto: Petraska’s tweaked the hardest tonight. And the Canadian coach is ripping.

JM: Now we’re going to get some words from Danny Kass.

DK: Whoooh! Yeah! I’d have to say it’s a draw between Dennis’ 47 foot air and Ricky Bower’s 13 foot backside Rodeo. I’d like to see a naked lady.

JM: Hopefully you’ll see one tonight at the party at Harry Hos.

DK: I think I’m going to find a naked Jaime Macleod.

JM: Easy. How do you like Alisa’s air to fakie. She’s the only one doing those tonight.

DK: I think Alisa rocks my world.


JM: We’re about four or five jumps in now and Ricky’s in first place. What’s up Ross.

RP: If my watch is right, there’s only a couple of minutes left, but they might let it go a little longer to let go a little longer. Ricky just stomped down a huge Michalchuk. Whoa! I don’t know. Markus Jonnson just did the biggest backside five I’ve seen in a long time. We’ll have to check the scores.


JM: Tricia Byrnes just took my beer, and she doesn’t usually drink. What do you have to say about this contest, Tricia?

Tricia Byrnes: I just showed up in time to see some really good tricks and I’m not too cold yet.

JM: Okay, we’re going to talk about Natasza’s McTwist. That was her third one of the night and definitely the smoothest of the night. She’s getting on this and wants to win. She won the halfpipe and wants to win this.

RP: Nick Franke just dropped in and did a switch Michalchuk. It was pretty good height. Don’t know how that will score, but that was definitely a hard trick. Zach Horwitz just did a huge method and landed clean on the wall. We’re going to see what the judges are looking for, if its amplitude or tricks. Ricky Bower comes back from the huge Michalchuk and does a huge method and goes as high as everyone else, showing the judges he can go big and do the tricks. If it was combined, he’d be winning for sure if he’s not winning already.

JM: Danny, who do you think is going to win?

DK: It’s so hard to say. A 15-foot method or an 11-foot backside 5 with no grab. It’s so close. Then there was that one guy who went really big and turned around a came back down. But he went really big. I think Dennis the Canadian coach should win.

JM: Hey Mike Baker, who do you think should win?

MB: I think I should win, even though I’m not i
n it.

JM: We’re with Chaka and Chancy.

Chancy: We’re looking for Petraska to hold it up for us. We don’t know if Dennis is out of it, but he’d win it for sure, but you’ve got Ricky representing Park City.


JM: We’re with Dennis. Are you going to take any more runs?

Dennis: No, I hurt my ass earlier today, and on that last wipe out made my left butt cheek burn, so I’m not really too stoked on it. I’ve got to go to Austria tomorrow and it’s going to be a long night, so I don’t really want to push it.

JM: Do you have any special words?

Dennis: No. Persistence pays off.

JM: Thanks. You’ve been doing awesome. We’re out here with Tonino. He built this quarterpipe, so what to you have to say?

Tonino: I’m super stoked. I just wish it was in the day when the sun’s out so you don’t break your knees and back.


JM: We’ve finally caught up with Natazsa. What do you have to say about the contest?

Natazsa Zurek: I get the most stoked to see all these totally hot guys and I totally want to do good for them.

JM: Right on. Oh, the lights just went out again, what do you think about that?

NZ: I don’t know. It gives us a break and I don’t care.

JM: We’re pretty excited to see you take a double win here tonight and we’re really proud of you. Do you have anything to say to your fans?

NZ: Thanks for coming out. I give props to Kelly Clark and Rita the Italian for going big.


JM: Back to Tricia. She’s been in the cold for a while. What do you think now? One the women’s side would you go with a straight air or a trick that’s almost as big?

TB: I’d definitely go with a very large McTwist over the very large backside air. And on the guys, I’d go with Ricky Bower for his huge, clean Michalchuck.

JM: What about the guy who did the huge, crazy backside five?

TB: That was also very good, very huge, very nice, very second place.

JM: I’m looking at the score board right now and I see Natazsa Zurek in first place, where she should be. Kelly Clark killed it with her backside airs and I’m psyched to see Natasza take a double win. Danny Kass, why aren’t you doing the contest tonight?

DK: I don’t know. It’s just that time. The lights are back on. They keep going on and off. Why?

TB: It’s like your brain, on and off.

DK: It’s like the story of my life, on and off.

JM: Okay, we’re getting a little too personal here. The contest is still going on and a couple more riders have to go.

DK: Jaime Macleod, describe the contest in five words.

JM: I drank beer, had fun. Okay, enough about me. Am I going to get a pair of Grenade gloves?

DK: We have no token women riders. I’m just kidding. We’ll recruit Jaime Macloud. Bower threw down tonight and he got ripped off.


JM: We’re now with Nick Franke. What do you think of the contest?

NF: I think we should run them during the day. I’m just doing this to do this. Who decided to do it at night, because it hurts.


JM: Kelly, what do you have to say. You rode awesome and you went crazy big. Did you have a good time?

Kelly Clark: I had a super time. It was fun.

JM: How come we didn’t see the McTwist?

KC: Cause I’m a wus, in short. It’s cold out, I’m not very good at them, and I didn’t want to hurt myself. I had so much more fun riding it during the day in the slush, and I’m bummed it was at night. But I’m glad I got to ride it anyways tonight. And another thing, going really big in a quarterpipe is much better than doing a medium flip.


DK: I’m here with Ross Powers. Ross, is that a banana in your pocket or an erection?

RP: It’s a spare Budweiser. Zach, what do you have to say about the contest?

Zach Horwitz: The chicks had good backsides.

RP: What about yourself?

ZH: Myself? I had a good frontside. I had a good time.


JM: I’m here with Natazsa. You won. How does it feel to win the halfpipe and the quarterpipe in the same weekend?

NZ: It just feels fine. I like it when you interview me. You’re a good interviewer.

JM: Then how come I can’t get anything out of you?

Final Results

1. Stefan Karlsson
2. Markus Jonsson
3. Ricky Bower

1. Natasza Zurek
2. Kelly Clark
3. Rita Comi