Strategic Distribution – GMC & DEFCON gloves – Hires Reps

(Wenatchee, WA–January, 2002) Strategic Distribution, manufacturer of GMC and DEFCON gloves, has added three new stellar reps to their unstoppable rep force. Paul Lizon is the new kingpin for the Southeast, Jason Smith is the man for the Mid-Atlantic and Ken “the boss” Akey for New England.

Paul Lizon comes from Tennessee and a long line of single reps that need loving. He wants to let the ladies know he’s not limiting himself to single gals. You can introduce yourself to Paul at SIA. Be careful you may walk away with hickey and a big glove order. Please contact him for a date or an appointment 865-329-9393, or

Mid-Atlantic champ, Jason Smith, is based in beautiful Pennsylvania. Jason knows the GMC & DEFCON line like the back of his hand so to speak as he contributed to some of the designs. Go ahead and ask him the tough questions, he’s up for the Challenge. Please contact for answers to your crossword puzzle or an appointment 724-238-8295, or

A New Hampshire resistant, Ken Akey knows how to put the hammer down. With pre-teens at home Ken is the meaning of “I don’t play” and “let’s do this.” Even though he is a New Englander, you can still understand him through his accent. Come by the GMC/DEFCON booth and make him say “chowder.” Please contact Ken at 603-774-7550, or

“We’ve got the product, the best team and now the tightest rep force,” Says Todd Crisman, owner and founder of Strategic Distribution. Todd couldn’t be happier with the reps as he continues, “I don’t like tooting my own horn, but these reps are the finest specimens of the rep breed I’ve seen in a long time and I’m stoked to be working with them.”

The rest of Strategic’s all-star rep forces are as follows:

Scott “Sweaty” Downing is all over the North West like a rash – if you don’t run into him in person, contact him at 425-640-9304 or

Dave Keagy is a true Nor Cal guy only eating at the finest of San Francisco’s Taquerias. Try and catch him with his mouth full at 415-824-8020 or

Hime Herbert is the LA and up So Cal rep, and a sassy one at that. When he’s not slappn’ high fives he’s on the phone 323-461-6192 or e-mailing

Bob Arthur, the Southern, So Cal rep, was Strategic’s first rep and head order slayer. He only uses his power for good and phone stamina. Call him at 760-807-3232 or e-mail at

Nobody loves the Rocky’s more than Ray Lang. Call him and you guys can talk about it. 303-456-9795 or

If you have not seen Mike Portman’s demo Van of trouble on the West Side of Great Lakes, than you need to get out more. This thing has rails, more jibs than you can shake a stick at and his very own snow maker. He rents out for birthday parties and bar mitzvahs, but you have to place a glove order – 262-681-3367 or

Dan Donovan, on the East Side of Great Lakes, loves ice fishing and placing orders. Call him before he calls you 513-774-9457 or

Strategic Distribution is the maker of GMC and DEFCON gloves. From the humble beginnings in a garage over eight years ago, one goal has been constant – the quest for perfection, which keeps getting redefined every time it’s reached. For more information, please call 509-884-3708 or visit and