Surf Expo: Gotcha/MCD Update

A lot has been going down at Gotcha/MCD: the releaseof Trinity, the third in of series of videos featuringhighlights of the Gotcha Pro; the addition of GraphicDesigner Colin Jahn, whose portfolio includes artworkfor Snoop Dogg; and a major licensing agreement withEderal

Sportswear that puts the design and manufacturing ofGotcha, MCD, and Girl Star in the hands of the new partner.(Gotcha is still in charge of marketing and productapproval, however.) But perhaps the most important newssurfacing from the Irvine, California-based brand –at least to retailers — is Gotcha and MCD’s new look.According to Brand Manager Michael Buchalter, Gotchaand MCD were both overdue for a facelift — Gotcha hadstrayed from its international lifestyle image and MCDwas missing out on the tech look that has been gainingmomentum.

“MCD needed to get updated in the market,” Buchaltersays. “It was time to move away from the flames anddice.” The overall look is progressive and forward,reflected by a revamped ad campaign.

The Gotcha look is also refreshed. “Gotcha is lookingto regain and go back to his roots — lifestyle anddesign,” says Buchalter. For Spring 2001 Gotcha willhave a more street/lifestyle image with a “clean andinternational” feel to it, as Buchalter puts it. WhileGotcha will still be offered in major department stores,Buchalter says distribution will also be cleaned upa bit. MCD will only be available in surf-specialtyshops.

Even without the redesign, Buchalter says the Gotchabrands have been growing. Girl Star sales were up 30percent, and MCD enjoyed a ten-percent increase lastyear.