Surf Style art + film Opening Night

Sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees. Sometimes a little bit of distance gives an event more relevancy. The opening night of the Surf Style art + film exhibit, which runs through August 23 at the 111 Minna Gallery in San Francisco, had none of the jaded Orange County wanna-be surfer hanger oners who can sometimes pop up at events like this. Instead a pure NorCal surf vibe and excitement permeated the event.

Location was at least part of the exhibit’s appeal, which was billed as being all about the 1970s surf culture and the current retro-progressive art movement. Located in downtown San Francisco, the 111 Minna Gallery is steps away from the Museum Of Modern Art. The old classic red-brick building housing the gallery felt like a first-floor loft with big windows, high ceilings, and warm mood lighting.


The invite-only opening to the exhibit, which is presented by Op Classic, was a hot ticket indeed, and if you weren’t on the guest list, a long line awaited you outside. The crowd seemed willing to wait to catch a glimpse of the featured artists, film makers and shapers.

Much of the exhibt was on sale as well, with a portion of the proceeds benefitting the San Francisco chapter of the Surfrider foundation.


The opening night crowd on July 11 was also a bit of a who’s who. There among the dense crowd you could spot Herbie Fletcher, Joel Gomez from Sessions, Chris and Dan Malloy, Jamie Brisick, Ben Marcus, Joe Curren, CJ Oliveras, Andy ‘Byrd’ Davis, and of course hosts Michael Markx and Dick Baker from Op.


With super killer grooving music thumping and the large crowd, the gallery was rocking, making conversation a wee bit tough. But it was clear that the crowd was appreciative of all the artwork and photography on display — and felt part of something special.

Click here to see a Quicktime slideshow of the opening night.

[IMAGE 4]The exhibit runs through August 23 at 111 Minna Gallery. Log on to for more information.

Featured artitsts include: Kevin Ancel, Jim Banks, Dick Brewer, Jaime Brisick, Jbrother, Warren Bolster, Doug Britt, Gomez Bueno, David Carson, Paul Constantineau, Gene ‘Cooperfish’ Cooper, Joe Curren, Harry Daily, Andy “Byrd” Davis, Chris Deam, Jeff Devine, Bryce Duffy, Alby Falzon, James Fish, Herbie and Dibi Fletcher, Bill Foote, Glen E. Friedman, Greg ‘pnut’ Galinsky, George Greenough, Michael Halsband, Rich Harbour, Tyler Hatzikian, Andrew Kidman, Margaret Kilgallen, Mike Levin, Dennis McNulty, Michelle Lockwood, Gerry Lopez, Chris Malloy, Gisela Matta, Barry ‘Twist’ McGee, John Moore,Tom Parrish, Bob Pearson, Luis Pena, Mark Richards, Chris Ruess, Mark Sutherland, Kevin Naughton, Bill Ogden, Darin ‘Ithaka’ Pappas, Craig Peterson, Steve Pezman, Brian Rea, Eric Soderquist, Scott Soens, Donald Takayma, Ty Tripoli, Joel Tudor, Ricardo Viramonte, Paul Urich and Martin Worthington among others.


– additional reporting by Liam Ferguson. Photos: Ferguson/.Baldy[IMAGE 6][IMAGE 7][IMAGE 8][IMAGE 9][IMAGE 10][IMAGE 11]