Surfer Staff Bails To

In the past week, three top staff members of 40-year-old Surfer magazine made the dash, heading for thedollar-green pastures of the Internet world, and providingan opportunity for new faces to step in and lead theworldâs longest-running surf magazine.

Surfer’s Group Publisher Doug Palladini, Editor EvanSlater, and Associate Editor Matt Walker have pulledup stakes from Emap Peterson to join former Surfer EditorSteve Hawk at, an Internet startup based inSan Francisco, California.

This follows close on the heels of the departure ofSurfer’s Senior Editor Chris Mauro to The Den (,and Surfing’s Editor Skip Snead to Broadband Interactivegroup, which publishes (formerly

So why the mad dash for the door? Rumors abound thatthese Internet start-ups are offering top dollar foreditorial and publishing talents from the action-sportsworld. CEO Nicholas Nathanson and Palladini wereunavailable for comment, and Hawk declined to go onrecord about either the new hires or the plans of

However, rumors around the surf industry predict will be editorially driven but with an e-commercecomponent that will drive revenues.

An article published by the Orange County Registerreports that Hawk will be executive editor, Slater managingeditor, and Palladini chief operating officer of thenew venture.

Rumors are that long-time contributor Sam George hasstepped in as editor of at least the next issue of Surfermagazine, while the staffs of other Emap Peterson titles(including Snowboarder, Skateboarder, Powder, Bike,Box, and Gravity magazines), have been less affectedby the dash.

TransWorld SURF Business will be following this saga and will bring you up-to-the-minute reportsas they occur.