Surfing America Receives ASP North America Franchise

Surfing America Receives ASP North America Franchise,Opens Office In Huntington Beach, California

(Press Release, October 5 2000) SIMA’s Surfing America, formally launchedin mid-September, has applied for and received the ASP (Association ofSurfing Professionals) North America franchise. The franchise becameavailable when U.S. Surfing LP resigned the post during the ASP’s JulyBoard Meeting in Huntington Beach.

Meg Bernardo, a 17-year veteran of ASP International, was hired as theorganization’s Administrative Director. Bernardo will direct ASP NorthAmerica’s activities from the Surfing America offices, located inHuntington Beach.

“There was no better choice than Meg to get Surfing America up andrunning,” said Scott Daley, Chairperson of Surfing America. “Herorganizational and professional surfing experience is unmatched. Thesurf industry and competitors alike are excited by the opportunitiesthat Surfing America brings to the sport.”

Hitting the ground running, Surfing America recently entered — and won– the lottery for the amateur and professional contests to be held atLower Trestles in 2001. Additionally, the organization submitted aformal application with the International Surfing Association (ISA) toreplace the incumbent national governing body for the sport of surfingin America.

“We have an ambitious agenda in place,” said Daley. “Surfing America’skey objectives are to restore competitive superiority to organizedsurfing in the USA and bring the organization into line with UnitedStates Olympic Committee 2000 objectives for national governing bodies.”

The organization will be structured as an umbrella entity, incorporatingnumerous competitive surfing associations in America, and embracing theparticipation and support of key related surf groups as well. AddedBernardo, “Existing member organizations will continue to operate pertheir current constitutions and by-laws.”

Surfing America will issue a calendar of endorsed events — amateur andprofessional — and will function as a resource for media, industry andcompetitors. For more information, contact Meg Bernardo at (714)848-8851 phone and (714) 848-8861 fax. Surfing America’s mailing addressis P.O. Box 309, Huntington Beach, CA 92648.