Tampa Finals – Kyle Berard Takes Street

Street semi finals got underway right on schedule at 10 a.m. Kenny Hughes claimed injury and was the only one to not skate. Practice sessions were intense. Justin Strubing did a wallride nollie out to fakie over the doorway. Tony Trujillo exploded on the course as usual. Aaron Suski was looking like a contender. Rodrigo Tx did a nollie heel to backside lip on the pyramid rail in practice.

Three heats proceeded to go through the motions and when the proverbial “smoke cleared”, ten top riders joined Golden Ticket holders Eric Koston and Chad Bartie in the finals. The 12 got three 50 second runs and the youngest guy on the circuit took the top honors. Berra surprised many people including himself by landing in second place. Koston did a few mighty tough tricks to claim third. And Chris Senn went faster than anyone could and hit the most obstacles and got fourth for his efforts.

Directly after the finals concluded, the Best Trick got underway. Brian Anderson was mighty close to kickflipping into a frontside bluntslide to fakie. Eric Koston couldn’t quite stay on his kickflip backside tail fakie. And Rodrigo was sliding but not pulling a nollie heel to frontside noseslide. The rest of the results are posted.

The most anticipated event wrapped up the weekend. The first ever open session on a LOOP was brought to you by the Skatepark of Tampa. The crowd packed in as tightly as possible. Cameras were everywhere. A media frenzy for sure. Foams mats were placed in the landing zone as the few risked life and limb for their shot at $1000.

The first three to successfully make it would get a grand each. Al Partenan was the first to call out “remove the FOAM” and go for it. He made it right away. Bob did it quickly after. Peter Hewitt was next. Jake Brown got sent spinning to the flat several times, but persevered and made it. The call from the crowd came out and bob answered it by trying what no one else on earth has ever tried. He attempted the loop SWITCH.

When Peter tried it, he flipped out of orbit and squashed on the side of the loop. The ambulance and EMT quickly rushed in and whooshed him off to the hospital. The mood had changed a bit, but Bob was still amped to do the loop Switchstance. He gave it a few more times. And then Brian Schaefer started trying it. He was close and the foam was removed for both fellows. Bob was so close when Brain went for another attempt and lost control. He spun out of control causing much fright to the spectators and much damage to himself. Again the EMT’s were quick to the scene and that effectively shut down the loop for the day. Everyone was herded back inside for the street awards ceremony and a product toss followed that. While all were inside feeding on the free products being whizzed about the place, Bob did the Loop switch. Mission Accomplished.

Peter and Brian were both conscious when the rolled to the hospital and as of this writing Brian will be going home today with a few broken fingers and a sore wrist. Peter Hewitt was feeling good enough to make it to the after Party last night where Crap and Art Bar’s were premiered. Both are believed to be in stable condition undergoing some routine tests. Hats off to Brian Schaefer and Ryan Clement and all of the wonderful and accommodating staff that make up the Skatepark of Tampa. See you next year.

Street Final Results
1. Kyle Berard
2 Steve Berra
3 Eric Koston
4 Chris Senn
5 Rick McCrank
6 Chad Bartie
7 Mike Peterson
8 Kerry Getz
9 Aaron Suski
10 Fabrizio Santos
11 Rob Dyrdek
12 Cezar Gordo
13 Diego Bucchieri
14 Tony Trujillo
15 Ed Templeton
16 Caine Gayle
17 Mark Appleyard
18 Eric Bork
19 Dayne Brummet
20 Jesse Paez

Best Trick on the main rail.1 Chad Bartie Smith grind 180 out to flat across the flat and completely over the step up gap to flat.
2 Justin Strubing Backside tail slide across the flat and over the step up gap.
3 Malcom Watson Nose slide nollie heel flip out down the rail
4 Mike Peterson 270 ollie to fs lipslide fakie down the rail
5 Jesse Paez fs lipslide across and down, fs nose blunt slide across, fs tailslide across and over the step up gap.
Other Awards*Mike Vallely Spiderman – quaterpipe to wallplant five feet over the vert wall to bank

*Tony Trujillo Dirtiest skater of the weekend

*Brian Schaefer Most broken bones of the weekend

1 Al Partenan
2 Bob Burnquist
3 Peter Hewitt
4 Jake Brown
BOB made it switch when no one was looking