Tech Nine Adds New Riders

Through this past season we have added a few new riders on the Technine pro team. With their personalities and riding skills we have built one of the most progressive and unstoppable teams in the industry. Jason “J2” Rasmus, Nicolas Droz and recently turned pro Scotty Goodale have helped make our crew tighter then ever before. Twos and Droz, both who had mad coverage in magazines this year have also been working hard on their video parts with Whitey and Mac Dawg, so watch for that this fall. If you haven’t seen Scotty ride, check him out this summer at HCSC at Hood you’re first impression will be “damn, that fool stomps everything.”

Our 2002 pro team roster is: Marc Frank Montoya, Scotty Wittlake, Ali Goulet, Nicolas Droz, Jason “J2” Rasmus, Gaetan Chanut, Micah McGinnity, Scotty Goodale and Nick Francke. Our professional series bindings will be endorsed by Marco, Scotty, and Ali and will feature their custom colors and graphics.

Serious props go out to our am team who you’ll hear a lot about in the near future. Seth Huot, Chris Coulter, Justin “Destroyer” Hebbel, James Roundy, Chris Hottel, Etienne Gilbert, Brett Butcher and posse, Ryan Thompson, Doran Laybourne, the FSC crew (Nima, Lance and Tobia), and Neil “Lilsteezalino” Provo. These kids are killing it and are definitely representing Technine to the fullest. Check out all the Technine riders in the upcoming movie “REPRESENT” a Finger on the Trigger production due out this fall.