Thank You Fresh Tracks

Since the launch of the Fresh Tracks Snow and Skate Expo four years ago, each of the three shows have posted impressive growth. The largest, held in Long Beach, California has seen its attendance rise from 3,000 the first year, to 6,000 the second, and 15,000 attendees last year. According to Owner Peter Melton, the reason is simple–it’s not a ski show and it caters to the snow and skate community.

"We put on a party that kids will enjoy and make it entertaining and educational," says Melton. "It’s more a lifestyle event, not just a flea market."

Fresh Tracks stops in three locations, including Denver, Colorado on October 2—3, San Francisco (San Mateo Fairgrounds) October 23—24, and Long Beach, California on November 6—7. Each show gives manufacturers a chance to show their wares while chosen retailers sell last year’s blowouts and next season’s goods. The shows also include skate, shoe, and clothing companies, music, and (new for this year) a skateboard street course with competitions and demonstrations designed for consumers, and the amount of hands-on exposure for manufacturers is incredible. Show management also does a lot of grassroots marketing and radio promotions, he says.

Anyone who buys a ticket receives one free lift pass at the Denver show, two in San Francisco, and three in Long Beach–another reason Melton feels his numbers keep going up. Although the retailers allowed to show were selected geographically and are still limited, Melton wants to encourage more industry participation. Anyone interested can call Melton at: (949) 376-6942.