The 2002 Volcom VQS Finals In Newps


Is it still April fools? It was not 8 feet, it was barely 2 feet! The final crusty blow out of the season was held on March 30th & 31st, 2002 at 54th St. in Newport Beach. One Hundred and Thirty invited contestants in four separate divisions battled it out in marginal surf for $10,136.73 in cold hard cash!!! Despite the small surf the contest was lots of fun for all Volcompetitors, friends, family, industry bros, photogs, team Japan, the Easter Bunny, and Smokey Grass.


“Get Ready Your Candy Ass is Next!” was the slogan and “Where’s The Rock?” was the question, but the only rocks in Newport were found on the jetties. Nick Rozsa brought no guns and no knives to the Grom division, but proved he needed no weapons to lacerate the final and take home the big bucks. Jake Kirschenbaum claimed “Want a piece of me” before the Junior final as Nick Guilarte responded “Just bring it!” In the end, stickman Jake took the victory over his Cocoa Beach homeboy. The Men’s final was a showdown between Oxnard and Puerto Rico. Nathaniel Curran had the highest wave score of the contest to take the Crusty Pro-Am title and $3,000.00. Carlos Cabrero ran a close 2nd and pocketed $1,000.00. The Air Spectacular witnessed a Punker Pat jetty transfer, but he couldn’t take the heat so he got out of the kitchen. Dave Post launched one in the final to collect his gold medallion and $1,036.73!

The loads of prizes were provided by our following friends:Specialized BMX, Al Merrick, M10, Becker, Estrada, Forum, Lib Tech, Gnu, RC Surfer, Scosche Sound Kase, Body Glove, Aleeda, Hotline, Consolidated, Flip, Darkstar, Illenium, Arcade, Santa Cruz, Sector 9, Mountain High, Globe, DVS, Reef, Vans, DC, Smith, Dragon, Electric, Spy, Astro-deck, Pro-Lite, Ocean & Earth, Creatures of Leisure, Timex, Vestal, Nixon, Freestyle, Sex Wax, The Froghouse, Surfside Sports, The Lunch Program, Red Bull, Hansen’s, Cliff Bar, Trader Joes, Power Bar, Bluewater Grill, Cest Si Bon, Catalina Fish Kitchen, Surfer, Transworld Surf, Surfing, Water, Happy, and ESM.

A special thanks goes to The City of Newport Beach for all of their help!

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All results and photos are below:

1.Nathaniel Curran (CA) $3,000
2.Carlos Cabrero (PR) $1,000
3.Kilian Garland (CA) $600
4.Nate Tyler (CA) $400

1.Dave Post (CA) $1,036.73
=Josh Hoyer (CA)
=Joe Crimo (CA)
=Geoff Moysa (CA)
=Ben Brough (HI)
=Nate Tyler (CA)

1.Jake Kirschenbaum (FL) $1,300
2.Nick Guilarte (FL) $500
3.Julian Mullins (CA) $350
4.Hyota Kitaura (JPN) $200

1.Nick Rozsa (CA) $1000
2.Cory Arrambedie (CA) $400
3.Eddie Guilbeau (FL) $300
4.Kilian Garland (CA) $200