The Baker Demo: A Huge Success

OH, my god…………..Baker, Emerica, Krew, Active, RVCA, and Deluxe gave away over 40,000
dollars in presents and raised food for the needy as well.

For two
hours straight, Dave Duncan shouted out numbers and kids got hooked
the f-ck up. For reals, not just a t-shirt either. Each winner got a
hoody from Krew or Emerica, A deck from Baker, some got wheels from
Spitfire or Baker, three t-shirts from RVCA, two hats from Active
amd a punk rock compilation from Epitaph. 200 winners walked out
with a jolly old christmas full of new gear. Big ups to Tiny and
crew, two walking doors who kept us present givers safe from the
unruly mob below. Thanks to the City of L.A. for donating the two
blocks in Chinatown, big-ups to People in Progress, a L.A. inner
city intervention non-profit who provided added security. Much adieux
to Heidi of SPAUSA who has for eight years now given herself to
these inner city youth so desperate for a stable mother figure.

belly award goes to Steve Van Duren and VANS who personally grilled
up fresh food for the groms and their moms. Shane Wallace at Active
for getting people more involved and your great crew made the
present giveaway go super smooth And of course, Robin the brand
manager aka den mother for Baker, who, without her tenacity and zeal
this event would never have grown into what it became on december
18th 2005.

A TRULY MOMENTOUS EVENT in skateboarding. With the leaders in the
industry giving back to the inner city of Los Angeles in a way never
seen before.
with darkness settling in, we ditched the organized giveaway
THE LONGEST PRODUCT TOSS in history ensued, non-stop for an hour
straight 6 people were hucking hoody’s, beanies, wristbands, hats,
sweaters, t-shirts and other assorted goodies to the screaming
masses below the Active Semi-Trailer.

Ari Evan Gold

Executive Director

The Doogood Conservatory