The Crowd Goes Wild For The Blueprint

It was deja vu all over again.

Last night Billabong debuted “The Blueprint: Based on the life of Shane Dorian” at the Grove Theater in Anaheim and kept its streak alive as being the company who throws the one video premiere all year that you absoutely shouldn’t miss.

The bar was set high, too. Last year’s debut of “Pickled” must have set some sort of record on the good-times meter. And while it’s still yet to be beat, last night’s festivities came damn close.


The party bus rolled out of the parking lot of TransWorld Media at around six, and the shenanigans didn’t stop until it pulled back into the parking lot (in far worse shape I hate to say) at 1:00 a.m.

While the Sun Theater might have a new name, the location is still top-notch and Billabong Marketing Director Graham Stapelberg was plying many in the crowd with free drink tickets. And what a crowd it was. A good chunk of the industry showed up and were rubbing elbows with pros like Shane Dorian (the star of the evening), Andy Irons, Sunny Garcia, Conan Hayes, Bruce Irons, Kalani Robb, Danny Fuller, Jesse Merle Jones, Asher Nolan, Geoff Moysa, and Mikey Todd. And we got to know one pro a little too well on the bus ride home. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.


Along will all the bro and pros were a ton of young surfers (or “consumers” in the parlance of dollars and cents). And this group was by far the most important. These are the kids who make the business go giddyap and for them to see a huge event like The Blueprint go off the charts is important.

The movie was also super solid. Never claiming to be a tell-all, definitive portrait of the man, Blueprint nevertheless gives you a good idea of what makes Shane Dorian tick. Especially telling is when Pat O’Connell explains how Dorian will surf anytime and anywhere as we watch Shane negotiate a sketchy and incredibly shallow Australian reef. Watching him you can believe him when he says how much he still loves surfing.

There’s also good footage from Tavarua, where Dorian is joined by fellow Billabong team rider Andy Irons (who just might have the best wave of the film). While there is a bit of retrospective older footage, it’s interspersed with new stuff as well — including the heroic battle between Dorain and Garica at the WCT Quiksilver Pro at Snapper Rocks.

Director Chad Campbell is to be commended, the editing is tight and the footage is all first-rate.

But enough on the movie. The party was where the real action was, and I won’t even try to describe all the crazy hijinks that went down. Instead, see for yourself what happened (or what you did and may have “forgotten” in your revelry) by checking out our Quicktime Slideshow. Just scroll back to the top and Click on the Billabong Debuts The Blueprint icon on the right.

Let’s hope Billabong continues its tradition of kicking the summer off right next year too. Hopefully we’ll all have recovered by then — maybe even that guy on the bus.