The Destroyer Buzz

In the midst of all the downtown ASR/Street Scene chaos that took placein San Diego, California throughout the last few days, Alphanumericthrew a grand ol’ party at Olé Madrid on Saturday night that includedthe premiere of Kingpin Productions’ Destroyer. The doors opened at 7:00p.m. with a VIP feeding frenzy, and by 9:00 p.m. the line to get in wasout of control.

As the lights dimmed around 10:00 p.m., everyone’s attention wasentirely focused on the screen and the vibe of the crowd came alive.After so much talk about the hilariously creative skits in this flick,no one knew what to expect as far as the riding went. Well, no need toworry because Destroyer definitely has some of the most insane footagearound˜what more would you expect from Whitey? He has an incredibletalent of figuring out who the up-and-coming riders are, such as GigiRüf and Brandon Bybee, but also includes veterans like Todd Richards.Other big names in this film include Risto Scott, Andrew Crawford,Scotty Wittlake, Jordan Mendenhall, Jason Murphy, Lukas Huffman, MikeyLeBlanc, Chad Otterstrom, J2, Nate Bozung, and Josh Dirksen.

The majority of Destroyer consists of freestyle riding˜lots of railsshot in D.C. and Breckenridge, and huge hits. Gigi’s and Lukas’ partsespecially stand out from the rest in that they include more backcountryfreeriding and dropping cliffs. Destroyer is by far one of the bestsnowboarding videos to date and is a must see. To read more about themaking of the film and the specifics of the skits, look for the featurearticle Whitey wrote in TransWorld SNOWboarding’s December issue˜it’llbe on the shelves in November.