The Insider Week 3

Atiba–The Insider, Week 3
Atiba’s in his car with Ty Evans
What was your week like, what’s been going on?
The week was rough. Ty we’re trying to do an interview right now. Hold on Skin. You heard that Skin, that was Ronnie Size. Chill out Ty. We went back to Tustin with Austin and got kicked out again last Monday. Richard Angellides was there rolling back up and Richard got a trick. I think I went to a game that night. On Tuesday I went skating with Ty, we hooked up with Chris Roberts and JD was there, these new ledges at the beach that you don’t get kicked out of. Ty did every trick in the book–backside tailslide shove–it, kickflip backside tail, backside Smith, he killed the ledges. We just got stuck there so we didn’t get anything done that day. Wednesday I went back to Transworld all day and skated there in the night.

On Thursday I went skating with Clyde and Kevin Taylor. We went to this church with this jump over a fence thing, you always get kicked out there but this guy came out and let us skate it and Kevin got a trick. He did it kinda sketchy so when he did it again this guy came out and was all up in arms cause we weren’t leaving. Clyde was just sitting there and he said something to Clyde, and Clyde was like, “Just chill out man,” the old dude was so pissed, this dude was trying to step to Clyde and Clyde was all, “How you gonna try and push me with Chicken all over you?” He had oil stains all over his shirt. It was hilarious, we had to leave.

We went to this Nike store downtown that only sells samples, nine and a half’s and seven’s in women, I’m nine and a half so I got some new Jordan’s, and Kevin got some regular Jordans. Not much went down all week. On Friday it was a holiday so we figured we could skate the school, we went to this school out in Tustin to try and get this trick of Austin, it was super early and we met there at 10:p.m. and got kicked out of there straight away, we jerked around then Arto wanted to hook up in Irvine so we went to this double set and nobody was really feeling it. Me Lee and Ako and Betty went to a Clippers game, then we went to a Elwood party which was okay.We went back with Austin and got the two tricks he was trying to get within three try’s each, then we went to this other rail and got another trick, this was all by about 12:30p.m. Austin was done and laid three hammers.

I got a call from Arto and he wanted to hook up. Met up with them and Vinnie Vegas hooked up and he boardslid that thing you shot the cover with Muska on. That thing is fucking gnarly, a lipslide on that thing is fucking amazing. Vinnie did it within six try’s so he didn’t get hurt. That was a good day, I’m chipping away with the uninsured drivers.On Sunday I hooked up with the Baker Ams and Reynolds. We go to this twelve stair and everyone is warming up, the cops come and we got kicked out. Andrew slammed and went home and left the Baker Ams with me. We went to Beverly High I got a sequence of Mark Appleyard there, we had such a fat posse–Arto, Vinnie, Lee Dog, Tony, Ryan Bobier, Terry, Knox and Evan the Baker Crew, Elissa, Ellington, so of course the cops come and peace us out of there. That was that, I went to a game after that and the Lakers won, went to eat some food with Ako, the worked on some music.