The Line Break – Yea.Nice (It’s a Brand)

Yea.Nice, the brainchild of pro snowboarders JJ Thomas and Josh Sherman, is putting the finishing touches on its third clothing line. We had a chance to catch up with the duo for more info on the line and the lessons they’ve learned over the past couple seasons.

Tell us more about the new line and its inspiration.

Josh Sherman is not in the NBA

Sherman: In our 3rd line we wanted to create stand out pieces for the kid who themselves tend to naturally stand out of the crowd. The misfit, the one who likes to wear his hat differently and just simply put, likes to get wild. We collaborated with Ryan Sabol, our entire team of pro athletes and musicians to create designs that are fun.

On a production side we upped the ante with a nicer shirt, extremely soft with better fits and a shirt or hoodie that you don't ever want to take off. With our hats and beanies we really dialed the fits with our factory, tweaking it so it has the perfect depth. We know that when a kid puts on a hat, the first thing that pops off in their head before they evaluate the look is how it feels and fits. So by working on a custom fit we believe YEA.NICE has the best fitting beanies, snaps and 5-panels out and it's becoming a part of our story that retailers are able to tell the kids. "Hey these guys are a rider owned brand, but the fit is unreal…try this hat on" and it's great to be able to give retailers more ammo for their customer. It's all about originality and your story, so when you combine that with quality product it's a win.
What have you switched up in the line based on retailer feedback?

Sherman: The most consistent feedback we've gotten is retailers asking us to build out a bigger line, have more products, and offer more headwear since we've been doing really well in that category.We weren't able to do that in this current line but it's feedback we're taking seriously for future lines.

What have been some of the biggest lessons you’ve learned from the first two lines?
Sherman: The biggest lesson is having the inventory to capitalize on re-orders. Seeing a great store like Active Ride Shop making a re-order with us and not being able to fill it has been hard, we don't have the space for extra product and we don't have finances to keep that kind of inventory either. Our product is limited but we also are a business so we want to be able to keep up.

JJ Thomas

How would you sum up the direction Yea.Nice has taken to provide something new in the market?

Thomas: The direction we've taken is the best quality, freshest designs, and great prices with a credible story behind our brand. We're providing the market with product that sells and keeping the integrity alive of a true rider-owned brand.

Why should retailers sign on with your guys?

Sherman: Retailers should sign on to Yea.Nice because it has credible people behind it, we have a great story, and that goes a long way when their guys on the floor can relate to the founders and get excited about our rider-owned brand.

We have incredible reps and we give retailers great service and don't treat them like ATM's. We want to contribute their store, to their community, and do everything we can to help with sell through whether it's creating an event in their store, sponsoring one of their local contests/events, hooking up their shop kids, promoting our product in their shop through our Facebook, Instagram, and website, the bottom line is we contribute to their store. We market our brand well, we have a great retailer program, plus we bring a fresh new flavor to their floor….But most of all, the number one reason a retailer should sign on with us is that we sell. Make an order with us and we'll let our product speak for itself.

Yea.Nice on display at Meta Skateshop