The TransWorld SURF Business CWC Retail Tour

TransWorld Surf Business has ducked out of the office, loaded up the Vanagon, and headed to O’Neill’s Cold Water Classic in Santa Cruz. But we want our bosses to think we’re working, so we’ve decided to visit some of the key shops from Santa Barbara to Santa Cruz. Check back in for our dailyupdates, because we’re really working hard up here (wink, wink).

The Beach House, Santa Barbara, California
Meet the guys who can watch the Santa Barbara Sandspit break as they standattheir cash register.

Channel Island Surfboards, Santa Barbara, California
All your favorite surfers ride CI boards, so what’s the Merrick’s surfshoplike?

Isla Vista Surf Co, Isla Vista, California
Smack dab in College Town USA, IV Surf Co. is looking for some elbow roomtogrow.

Pancho’s, Pismo Beach, California
Come inside “the” surf shop in Pismo Beach where funky memorbilia and hot brands reign.

Moondoggies, San Luis Obispo, California
When Moondoggies needed room to grow, Owner Randy Adler got a little creative. Now with one shop in two locations, business is looking strong.

Central Coast Surfboards, San Luis Obispo, California
Central Coast Surfboards and CCS Mail Order have split — allowing the retail store to focus on the hordes of shoppers clogging Higuera Street, says Buyer John Whisenand.

Pacific Coast Surf And Street, Atascadero, California
Almost a year after taking ownership, Pacific Coast’s Larry Parks is making the moves necessary to crank up his sales.

Pacific Wave, Santa Cruz, California
You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your neighbors. Pacific Wave in downtown Santa Cruz has beeb living this axiom for the past several months.

O’Neill Surf Shop (Downtown), Santa Cruz, California
The latest addition to the O’Neill empire is a sleek and well-merchadised store in the heart of downtown Santa Cruz — so why did it stir up waves when it opened?

Arrow Surf, Santa Cruz, California
This long-time mainstay of West Side surfers is a bit unique in the world of surf retailing: surfboards are still the most important category.

Santa Cruz Surf Shop, Santa Cruz, California
Santa Cruz Surf Shop has kept on growing — despite being on one of the most competative pieces of real estate in the surf-retailing world. So, what’s their secret?

Paradise Surf Shop, Santa Cruz, California
Paradise Surf Shop has carved out a niche in Santa Cruz by appealing to the community — and has helped fuel a huge increase in the number of women surfers in Santa Cruz.

Freeline Design, Santa Cruz, California
Freeline Design in Santa Cruz recently celebrated its 30th anniversary. We ask Manager Tara Mel about what makes this shop tick.

O’Neill Surf Shop (41st Street), Santa Cruz, California
If it has to do with surfing, you’re likely to find it at O’Neill’s 41st Surf Shop — the cornerstone of the Santa Cruz retail surf scene.