The US Open Of Surfing: Let The Bender Begin!

Things are heating up at the US Open in Huntington Beach…

It sounded so simple.

Make the forty-five minute drive up to Huntington, interview Cory Lopez, and get outta there before traffic clogged the freeway.

Then I went to Duke’s for “just a beer or two.

Yeah, right.

I’ll blame it on Makua Rothman and not my Irish/Scottish genes. He was the one who said, “What, Cote? We’re drinking in here! Cruise in brah!

“Umm, okay. But I gotta get outta here pretty soon.

“Brah, me and Kala ran into some guys in San Diego who kept saying ‘I know Coté!’ We almost pounded ’em! They probably didn’t even know you!

And that was that. Da Hui had a table full of drinks. Sunny Garcia, Rico Jiminez, Marcus Hickman, and Andy and his old man, Phil, we’re all chilling out and having a couple cocktails.

Before we go into my story of dereliction and hillside mansions, I’ll have you know that I did watch a few heats and Rob Machado was the star of the day in my book. He’s got this little spot where he sits when surfing in contests at the pier. It’s way down the beach where he finds these little lefts and just rips the hell out of ’em, covering tons of distance. Rob won his heat convincingly. Sunny Garcia, all two hundred pounds of him, also surfed well in the tiny conditions, so his drinks were well deserved.

While not quite at the level to be expected this weekend, there was a lot of talent on the beach as well. It must be something in the water up there, but the OC is holding! Females of all color, creed, nationalities, sizes, and shapes flooded the south side of HB Pier and just went and got dolled up even more after the contest was over for the day.

Which leads us to the nightlife…

I’m not really sure exactly what transpired, but I clearly remember following two really big trucks with Da Hui stickers on them through the streets of Huntington, down to Newport, and up into a gated community above Newport. A pool with one of those weird edges that makes it look like it has no edge was warm and inviting, and gorgeous women greeted me with margaritas and more beer. I can’t really tell what happened later, but suffice to say, bring your ID when going out to bars and clubs in Huntington, they have some stupid zero tolerance policy thing going on.

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