The Week In Surf Headlines

Our picks and pans of the mainstream media’s best surf coverage from around the globe.

Globe Going Public? What A Drag
According to an article that appeared in The Age in Australia, Globe is preparing for a $74 million (Australian) partial float — but the company owners see the whole process as a “drag on their time.”

The Big Fight To Save Little Corona
A story in the L.A. Time explain how urban runoff is ruining the beach at Little Corona in Newport Beach.

Brits To Lead Next Wave Of Surf Industry Leadership
South Africa look out! The next wave of big-buck industry types could be from — ready for this — Plymouth, England. The L.A. Times picks up the AP story.

One Man’s Fake Is Another’s Artificial
David Skelly says Pipeline isn’t coming to El Segundo in this L.A. Times question and answers.

Goodbye To Crap City U.S.A.?
The waves have been shitty in Huntington Beach for years, but the L.A. Times reports H.B. city officials are now worried other communities won’t take a look at their own sewage problems.

South African Algae Attacks Surfers
“It was like swimming in a bloody sewage farm,” says a South African surfer. The Independent reports how a False Bay algae is sending the local rippers to the sick bed.

Everyone Loves A List
Bruce Jenkins gives his opinion on who the best surfers on the planet really are in the San Francisco Gate.

Some Like It Cold
It never fails, you dig out your driveway from the foot of new snow, coax your car to life, drive down the icy highways and fight across the snow drifts and whaddya find? Eastern Surf Shop Manager Brian Dalton hogging all the set waves. Sheesh. The Ashbury Park Press explains.

Let My People Surf
Greg Pollack, founder of the Jersey Chapter of The Surfrider Foundation, says surfers need more room to move in the Garden State. The Islander dives into the fray.

Bikini Invasion
The First Coast Community explains why there’s so many more women surfers in the water.

Florida Churns Out Another Star
Twelve year old Karina Petroni probably can surf rings around you, says a Nassau Neighbors correspondent.

Pratte’s Reef? That’s Nuthin! Back In My Day…
Thirty years ago the river jetties by the St. Johns River near Jacksonville, Florida were firing. Here’s theFlorida Times-Union story on why they were so good back in the day, and one city employee’s fight to make the magic reappear — despite being heckled.