There’s A High Surf Advisory In Hawai’i

In any coastal town, on any surf shop floor, there always seems to be a publication covering the local scene. High Surf Advisory is that kind of publication–only with a Hawai’ian flavor.

It’s following in the footsteps of H3O as the source of surf information in the Island surf community. H3O folded recently due to financial difficulties. Past staff members including photographer Pete Hodgson, Diana Rourke, and Melissa Rawlinson got together with Bernie Baker and Brian Mizota to launch High Surf Advisory.

They won’t make the same mistakes as their predecessor, says Hodgson. High Surf Advisory uses newsprint stock–a lot cheaper than the glossy stock. The magazine premiered in January, just in time for the Surf Expo trade show. In that issue it covered the Eddie Aikau and Backdoor Shootout–two popular Hawai’ian surf events that had just happened.

One of the main goals of the magazine is to cover the many Hawai’ians who are dominating the amateur ranks. “Hawai’ian amateurs are kicking ass,” says Hodgson, “There’s a lot going on that’s obvious from amateur results.”

Competition results from keiki, menehune, boys, and junior divisions combine with the pros for what Hodgson says is a well-rounded focus. He also believes the mag will give exposure to Hawai’ian pros who normally don’t receive much coverage.

High Surf Advisory won’t be limited to men’s and women’s surfing. There’s sections covering skateboarding, bodyboarding, and longboarding. Hodgson feels there’s a need for educational meaning, physical training, environment, and Hawai’iana to be covered in the mag as well. “It’s more about a lifestyle here in Hawai’i.”

“We’re really core, which we really like,” continues Hodgson. The publication has had only two non-Hawai’ian’s photos so far–Kelly Slater and Rabbit Bartholomew because of his new ASP position.

Things are going well so far–visible by the doubling of page counts. The staff is grateful for companies like Hurley, Volcom, and Etnies, and shops like Town and Country, Hi-Tech, and Local Motion that have supported their growth.