This Is The News 5.21.01

Chris Roberts

and Ricardo Carvalho from Brazil went from flow to full time AMs on Chocolate Skateboards.

Brian Patch

now rides for Falken based out of San Clemente along with Adam McNatt, Dayne Brummett, Matt Dove, Josh Spencer, and Tony Froud.  

Darren Navarrette

and Peter Hewitt are on a road trip in the Northwest. The Westside Bowl is the HQ. Zach Connolly is the filmer and Eddy “Spaghetti” Dominick is shooting photos.

J.R. Neves

is on a Sessions tour in Japan and fellow Imperialist Charlie Wilkins is with him.

Neil Heddings

is on the 1984 tour on the west coast. 1984’s team has got to be the toughest skate clothing company ever.

Chet Childress

is back in the NC after a New Zealand tour.

Cliché Skateboards

has a tour of Spain coming up next week for a good three weeks on the road. It will be featured in an up coming 411. In early July Mike O’ Meally will come through for Skateboarder to do a story on Cliché, and possibly tour Germany and Poland.

Apart from that they’ve made their our own handrail spot in Lyon. They built a decent handrail and fixed it to some stairs in a park: perfect run up, marble ground, and the council doesn’t even know the difference. Take their lead and make something for you and your homies to skate TODAY.

On Saturday May 12th Chase Erlich rocked The Next Cup amateur series stop #3 at the Encinitas YMCA with a third place finish and the gnarlyest trick of the day with a backside 5-0 on the rail from the vert ramp down to the street course. Birdhouse’s newest am, Joey Poirez, took home 1st place. See for more info.


Scott Pazelt and Adam Louder are going on the Osiris Aftermath Tour. Scott’s 1st Maple pro model is now availible.

New Maple AM Dan Roberts managed to F/S flip over the Oceanside High 13 stair, second try.

Chad Knight

is still working towards a full recovery from his broken leg, he is off crutches but still can’t skate. Tyler Hansen is on the injured list as well, no details.

Kien Lieu

and Satva Lueng just got back from a productive Hong Kong tour look for the footy on Bluetorch TV later this summer.

Kelly Bird

and some of the DVS crew traveled thru Canada on a small tour. The all star line up consisted of Chico Brenes, Steve Berra. Kerry Getz, and Daewon Song. Keep your eyes open for some sick footageof these guys in Canada. If you caught Juliette Lewis on Conan O’Brien last week she gave a cool little shout out to “the DVS crew.”


has introduced the limited edition 23 karat Gold Don.

The Pro Skate contest in Helsinki, Finland went off last weekend. Several in attendance were Colt Cannon, John Rattray, Bastien Salabanzi, and Arto Saari. Colt qualified into first, and went into the finals in first, but he rolled his ankle in the semis so he couldn’t skate in his final run. Bastien ended up taking first, Rattray got 4th.

Dragon Optical

is proud to welcome to the team Caswell Berry, Chris Dobstaff, and Chase Erlich.

Josh Kasper

and Kanten Russell team up with local church, Horizon of Clairemont and the Narrowgate Skatepark, to do some demos and outreaching in Oregon during the last 10 days of July. Josh is also going to be doing a stint at Woodward this summer.

Coming off a recent injury, Josh Kasper will try and make it to Japan the first two weeks of august to climb Mt. Fugi as well as appear at the grand opening of one of the largest skateparks on planet earth.  Japanese kasperholics will hopefully soon be able to logon to in whatever language they choose, and will be translated into the international language of KASPER.

The Duffs team is finishing up there Northwest tour today. We are in the

process of flying home today and tomorrow. Stacy Lowery, Brian Howard, Jake Stewart, and Flow riders, Tim Eberly and Ryan Smith, American Ryan Smith, were the skaters on the trip. They made 6 stops in the week and a half on tour. They hit up the parks from Vancouver B.C. to Medford OR. Jake got wrecked. He might have broke his foot. Hopefully it is just a bad heel bruise. Howard has found his favorite park, Newberg, OR. Red and Monk did an amazing job on that park. Lowery got some good street stuff. Look for his footage and the rest of the tour in the upcoming Duffs Promo.

The week of May 21st Bluetorch TV goes on the road with the Etnies skate team. We hook up with Mike Vallely, Chris Lambert, Carlos de Andrade,

Fabrizio Santos, Josh Spencer

and the rest of the Etnies team as they charge through Texas and the Southwest. From demos to shop signings to street sessions, Bluetorch catches it all including exclusive footage of Mike V almost snapping his foot in half. Bluetorch will also feature segments from the Tampa Pro, including incredible loop footage with Bob Burnquist going all the way around…switch. We also feature a segment everyday of Rick and Buddy’s trip to Quito, Equador with Al Partanen, Peter Hewitt, Brewce Martin, Bailey, Smiley, Tino Razo, and more. Plus more skate action than ever before on a daily television show. M-F 4pm, Fox Sports Net


has released the D3 2001 and the Defcon 2. Visit for all the details.

Mobile Skatepark Series

, stop #1 – Ontario Mills Mall from 5*11*01

1) Chad Shetler

2) Chase Ehrlich

3) Vanessa Torres

4) Nate Kacaka

5) Josh Spencer

The judging was handled by Aaron Astorga, Pat Channita, and Mike Santarossa. The series is sanctioned by World Cup Skateboarding with Shrewgy overseeing, planning and the events. Sunday there were 2 Tony Hawk demos and a tri-sport team challenge participated in by Pierre-Luc Gagnon, Jesse Fritsch and, Matt Dove.

Steffan Attardo’s

pro model should be out with in 2 weeks on Santa Cruz.

Tom Krauser

and Gary Smith of Media will turn pro soon. Their pro model decks will be available in a store near you this summer. They will join the existing Media skateboards pro team (Dave Duren, Jonas Wray, Tommy Budjanec, and Jake Stewart). Media is now expanding there am team and names will be announced soon.

PTS Shoe Company

will release vert riders Chris Gentry and Adil Dyani’s

pro models in June. Gentry will also release his new CD titled “Gangster

Rock” around the same time. Lucio “Mosquito” Santos of Brazil is a new addition to the PTS pro team. PTS will be on tour in Brazil from May 16-28. Riders Chris Gentry, Cooper Wilt, Cristiano Mateus and Mosquito will be among the few touring the country.

The Vans Triple Crown of Skateboarding arrives at Cleveland’s Nautica Entertainment Complex, May 31-June 3 for four days of pro skateboarding. This year’s event, the 2001 Mountain Dew National Championship of Skateboarding, will also be broadcast on NBC Sports on September 1 at 2:30 p.m. EST as part of NBC’s ongoing coverage of the Vans Triple Crown Series.


In the August 2001 issue, TransWorld SKATEboarding erroneously reported that had shut down. In fact it didn’t shut down, but rather scaled down. Log on when you get a chance. Also Black Label’s Mike V. still works for Skateboarder.