This Is The News


Perhaps you watched the ESPN awards this past week and saw Eric Koston take home the “skateboarder of the year”award. Danny Way presented anaward. The original line up of Black Sabbath played and numerous Hollywoodcelebrities including Daryl Hannah were on hand. Tony Hawk and Tony Alva were also honored with awards.

Freshjiveannounced recently that Real Pro, Cairo Foster, has joined their skate team.

The current word from the TSA camp is that they’ve revamped their website.Please view it, tell a friend, get linked?

Also, if you didn’t already know, Andrew Gordon is on TSA.

Progression VM # 5 is still in production. They areworking around the clock to get it finished and hope to have it out by May 1st.The featured parts include Pat Chinnita, Guy Kampfen, Dan Pageau,

Billy Marks, Justin Reynolds, Brian Hutchinson,Mike McCindlish and Dennis Brokaw.

Chad Tim Tim has made a switch from World to New Deal. Ali Boulala is currently hospitalized in France! He fucked up his legs filming for the Flip video last week trying to bust some HUGE set of stairs.

Skater Island in Rhode Island is hosting a major amateur contest the weekend ofApril 28-29. The event is sponsored byEtnies, Enjoi, and Split. Visit for more details.

Rob G’s back on his boardagain…hooray. It has been a long and bumpy road for Rob though, as hethought he pulled some muscles in his ankle, when low and behold it turned outhe had broken his leg. He had a pin put in to hold everything together,which it did, and now he is back. He will be a very busy bee for the nextfew months as he is putting the finishing touches on his first video part forthe upcoming New Deal video,hopefully to be released some time around September. Along with Rob G,you can expect to see debut video parts from Chad Bartie, LincolnUeda, Ryan Johnson and KennyReed, not to mention a long awaited RickyOyola video part.

Tosh Townend has been furiouslyfilming with Greg Hunt for thenew TWS video. He is verysecretive about it, so I must be as well. How about that Skateboarder cover of Tosh, sorry, but it was too damn good togo unsaid. Contrary to previous news, Tosh is not riding for Volcom, he is riding however for.??? starts with Eends with T. Tosh just turned sweet 16. He finally out grew the ageto rail quotient by conquering the 20 stair El Toro rail while he was 15.There has got to be some kind of math or logical equation you could figure outto see how big of a rail he will be doing when he is 21.

Bam Margera has been going full borelately. He finished his ADIOvideo part and is now working on a follow up documentary to CKY2K, for the hardcore fans only. Jackass is stillkeeping him busy along with Elementtours and the Tony Hawk tourthis summer. He just finished a Big Brother interview as well.

Donny Barley has been keepinghimself occupied fathering his two children, Jake Rupp and PJ Ladd. Jake and PJ share a bunk bed in the livingroom, along with 3-4 other random squatters who happen to be in town for thatmonth. It gives new definition to the term skate house.

Jeremy Wray is back at it as well,now 110% back on his board after a very serious knee injury. Look for himat Slam City Jam in May.

Bill Pepper has relocated himselffrom long, long time residence in Napa, Ca. to the Giant hood of Costa Mesa,Ca. He was sick of playing Kenny Hughes Madden football via the Internet and had to get a little closer to keep the Playstation dream alive.

They say that “LABEL KILLS“,the name of Black Label’snew video, will be out at the end of this month. Patrick Nagyis working closely with John Lucero and the riders to bring this long awaited vid to a complete realization. It will have footage from 20 label riders in all, from pro to flow to Label For Life. The ams in this come out with theirguns blazin’, watch the likes of Ben “The Birmingham Barbarian” Gilley, Wes Lott, JUB, Pat Smith, Patrick “KILL” Melcher, Adam Alfaro, and Ricky Espinoza to name a few. Look out for a premiere at the local tavern or bar in your hometown

Ben Gilley will be trading hisAlabama Slamma accent in at the California state line cause he’s movingout here. He already has a job set up at Black Box Dist. working with long time bruiser Wiggins.

Kristian Svitak has also been hardat it filming his ass off for the video, but now as it comes close tocompletion, he will find time to find himself as he is going on an all Polishskater tour to Poland.Slap‘sJoe Brook and AnthonyClarvall from 411 will join Kristian, Aaron Suski, MikeRusyck, Justin Strubing, Ed Selego, and Stefan Janowski.

The new ON Video and issue #45 from 411 just hit the shops. Coming soon from 411 is their Around the World video, which will take every one to places we have never been.

Mike Vallely is going to have hisvery own signature bearing our very soon, maybe even before you read this. He also jacked his ankle and will be out for a month or so.

The new Monster Trucks are OUTfinally after being advertised for a year. Jamie Thomas, Heath Kirchart, Brian Anderson and newest Zero pro Alex “Trainwreck” Gall are all on the team.

1984 hasexpanded their team by adding Jason Adams, Chet Childress, Neil Hedding,Ricky Espinoza, Crazy Eddie, Peter Hewitt, and Aaron Harrison.

Steve Caballero is supplying ten scholarships to the Visalia YMCA skatecamp for tenlucky campers.

Pat Channitawill be going to Japan for a contest with Genetics, April 12th-15th. He finished a Big Brother interview, is done with a Progression video part and his newest sponsor is Ally, abackpack company.

Jon Comertravels to Venezuela with Powellam, Caswell Berry this month. Herecently broke his new prosthetic foot. Grind King is his newest sponsor. Jon is currently working withan independent filmmaker on a documentary of his life.

Jason Ellismoved back to the USA, continues his gig as an ESPN commentator, won an Australian high air contest going10 1/2?, he is also on the injured list (ankle) and is trying out for amovie part.

Andy Macdonald went to Hawaii for a demo tour, shot photos at Legoland, got married and went on a honeymoon cruise.

Danny Wainwright has a new wheel, new board, filmed for 411VM?s Around theWorld video in Barcelona, Spain.

Ryan Wilburn is now on Pig Wheels.

Rodrigo Txmade the switch from Crail to FuryTrucks.

Javier Sarmiento filmed for 411VM?s Around the World video in Barcelona and then went on a Volcom tour in Portugal and Spain.

Paul Machnauhas a new wheel and is back in Vancouver working on RDS and Emericavideos.

Ryan Smithis also on the injured list (ankle).

Rodney Joneswent on a San Jose trip w/ Joe Brookfor a Heads in Slap. He has aninjured ankle.

Gianni Zattoni is in San Diego w/Rodney,filming w/ Preston and shootingphotos with Rhino.

Caswell Berry finished a Wheel of fortune for #46, we heard he may be getting the cover of the June issue of Slap. He will be traveling with Jon to Venezuela. He camedown to San Diego to film with Rodneyand Gi

Adio went on a filming trip to Las Vegas recently, which took Vinny Vegas from southern California back to his native city. Vinny is stoked to be back in Orange County. He’s living in Huntington with his pal Don Nguyen.Danny Garcia is on Lakai.Tony Trujillo and Graham Bickerstaff have been added to the Killing Machine hardware team.

Josh Kasperis on his way to recovery, he’s been going to physical therapy and should beback in a couple of months, he’s already talking about stuff he wants to do forthe blind Vid.

Corey Sheppard should be back in the States early next week and he’ll be here staying at Ronnie’s house filming for the Blind Vid.

The Deca Sneak Preview video should be at all shops now. Enrique is back in Spain filming for the full Length Video. J.BGillet, Luis Cruz, Marcus Mcbride, and Daewon Song will also be on that 7 Day Tour of Mexico.

Enjoiriders Marc, Jerry, Louie, Jose, Chris, a filmer, and Tony Rodriguez will be on a 9 day tour of Costa Rica and Panama at the beginning of the month. No Photographer will be attending for the reason that everyone will be shooting their own photos! They are not sure what magazine will run the article, but it’ll be funny.

Ricky Oyola is DuFFS Shoes newest member of the team. He joins pros Moses Itkonen, Stacy Lowery, Brian Howard, Matt Hensley, Dave Duren, Jason Maxwell, Tommy Budjanec, Jake Stewart, Toebee Parkhurst and Ams Mike Taylor, Damian Smith,Omar Salazar, and Mike “Santa Fe” McCandlish. Look for Ricky’s stylish street skating, along with the rest of the DuFFS team in their upcoming promo video, still untitled, to be released in the near future.The All Girls Skate Jam rolled through Clearwater, FL, in March. A new face took the top honors. 1. Vanessa Torres 2. Elissa Steamer 3. Cnaan Omer.

There is a new skate company called Farenheight: the team so far is Colby Carter, Chris Livingston, Billy Lane, Phil Hajal, and Am Mike Kearney.

Richie Belton left DNA to ride for a new company that I don’t have clearance to mention yet. He also now rides for Killing Machine hardware and Destroyer trucks.Jason Dill left Vita to ride for …… Negotiations are still in the works.Nate Jones who recently turned pro for Real is now on Killing Machine Hardware. Be sure to watch out for Nate’s part in the upcoming, “Reel to Real” video that recently premiered in SF.There is a documentary called “STOKED, the story of Mark ‘Gator’ Rogowski“. The film is in-progress and is planned for release in early 2002.

Ali Boulala andTom Penny are currently in Bordeaux,France filming for the upcoming Flipvideo. All that they are filming is top secret and will not be revealed untilthe video premiere.

“The search for Ali Boulala” is a book on the subculture of skateboarding. It is abook about people who love skateboarding and the world they have created forthemselves. In a series ofinterviews they tell their own stories about the music, hanging out, creatingart and photos, magazines and films, about the industry, the icons, about howserious it can be and about the craziness of the parties. The words of theskateboarders and the documentary photos of Lisa Selin take the reader to look for Ali. The hunt for Ali takes the readerthrough out Sweden and over to the US. On the way a bunch of people turn upalong the way, among them Matt Hensley, Eric Koston, Mike Carroll, StacyPeralta, Mike Vallely, Tony Hawk, Ed Tempelton, Elisa Steamer, Andrew Reynolds,Jamie Thomas, Mattias Ringströmand Per Welinder. The book will be published in Sweden inAugust 2001. Check out moreinformation about the book at

Bastien Salabanzi broke his arm while filming for the new Flip video. Has anyone heard a name for this film yet?

Krux Trucksis honored to announce the addition of Alan Petersen to it’s pro team. Alan’s reputation and legendarystatus in the world of skateboarding goes without saying. Keep your eye in themags for Alan riding the new Krux IIIs.

Anaheim B3 X-Trials Street Finals
1. Chris Senn
2. Chad Bartie
3. Chet Thomas
4. Ed Templeton
5. Steve Berra
6. Omar Hassan
7. Dan Pageau
8. Rob Dyrdek
9. Pat Channita
10. Bucky Lasek